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When I moved to Atlanta two decades ago from Houston’s gay newspaper to Atlanta’s Southern Voice, I was floored by the depth and breadth of LGBTQ options in every aspect of queer culture.

Atlanta had not just a few but several sports leagues featuring dozens of teams. There were three youth advocacy groups, several inclusive theaters, plus a heaping handful of gay religious congregations, book stores and political action groups. We enjoyed not just generic gay bars, but ones making intentional space for lesbians, hipsters, Latinx and Black folks and more.  

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are in LGBTQ Atlanta. For all our remaining struggles toward equality and hurdles to jump, there are privileges to living out and proud here that too many residents take for granted. 

Among those privileges is a now-shrinking local LGBTQ media landscape.  

Only one local outlet remains with trained, full-time professional journalists at the helm: Project Q Atlanta. My co-publisher Matt Hennie and I each bring three decades of experience. About 20 of those years we each spent in LGBTQ Atlanta at various publications.

The trials and tribs of 2020 put us on the ropes, but we will fight to stay and keep covering queer life here like literally no one else in town can do. We need your help to keep it going. That’s why I’m asking you to make a donation today.

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In addition to state and local LGBTQ news, we are proud to consistently profile community businesses and non-profits, artists and entertainers and others making a difference in Atlanta. We also provide the city’s most comprehensive weekend events calendar and the widest range anywhere of LGBTQ ATL community photos. 

What started in 2008 as one option for your media diet is now a last holdout for in-depth coverage. In 2020 alone, we brought think pieces on queers leaving Midtown, options for Atlanta police reform and the need to burst our LGBTQ bubbles. We led the coverage of Atlanta’s ongoing trans housing crisis, the local man behind the Supreme Court employment milestone, what’s at stake in the U.S. Senate runoffs, the end of an era at AIDS Resource Consortium of Atlanta and two trans public servants in Georgia getting the runaround for living their truths. 

Quality journalism is free to our readers, but it’s costly to produce. Help us continue to provide that Atlanta-level depth and breadth of coverage you’ve come to expect from Project Q. Your support will keep us on strong financial footing into the New Year.

Write me any time at [email protected], and please invest in us. We won’t let you down.

With intention and love,

Mike Fleming

Co-Publisher, Project Q Atlanta

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