Uncle Poodle just can’t help himself

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Because no tabloid mess engulfing “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is complete without a heaping helping of gay drama, Uncle Poodle keeps throwing bombs from his new apartment in Middle Georgia.

The latest comes as he spilled the beans to the National Enquirer about a family trip to gamble in North Carolina. Five people in one hotel room, including Uncle Poodle (Lee Thompson), his boyfriend Alan Stevenson, Mama June (June Thompson) and Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson). And oh yeah, Mark McDaniel. That's the convicted sex offender that Mama June is dating that led to her split from Sugar Bear (Mike Thompson), who also happens to be Uncle Poodle's brother. The escapades also led TLC to cancel the show.

Now that the scandal made headlines, Uncle Poodle is offering dish to the Enquirer.

“I’m disgusted with June for not protecting Alana from Mark!” Marvin Lee “Uncle Poodle” Thompson told The ENQUIRER. “This guy can’t be trusted. He needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away.”

And this.

“But when I woke up in the morning, Alana was fast asleep crammed in bed with June and Mark!” Uncle Poodle claimed. “It looked like they were cuddling!”

Mama June accused Uncle Poodle of selling the scandal to the tabloids, a charge he denies. When Fox 411 reported that Uncle Poodle tried to sell his story to them, he fired back, telling the entertainment outlet to “kiss my big gay ass.”

But Uncle Poodle does talk to the press – for cash or not – and afterward, he takes to Facebook to rant that the media is wronging him. And distance himself from bunking with a child molester. Like he did on Wednesday.

On this topic of North Carolina incident, the only reporter I have said anything to is with the National Enquirer. Should I have? Does it matter? Seriously everyone wants the truth but wants to twist their own minds and accept the information they want.

What Radars Headline says is False!

Never once did I say Honey Boo Boo aka (Alana Thompson) my niece was ever “cuddling” with the sex offender Mark McDaniel who at first I did not know exactly who he was. I was not around for what happen to Anna 12 years ago. I feel very bad for Anna, and thats who was hurt the most out of everyone involved in the situation. It doesn't matter what I say, It doesn't matter what anyone says. The fact remains. He should of never been near or around the kids, What June does behind closed doors is HER Business unless it involves the kids and that is why I spoke out! I did not nor will I ever support her wanting or being around McDaniel nor do I agree with the whole situation. Also I do not want custody of any of Junes Children, I was asked “if the choice came between you or the state system what would I do” and of course I would never want them kids in the system, actually I hope it all gets sorted out and the children continue to live as a family.

Never once did I ever say, June was Dating McDaniel, Has she seen him? Yes she has. She done more than see him. I did not agree with her doing that behind my brothers back (before the breakup) regardless of McDaniels status which I did not officially know until we were in North Carolina. So to the questions about why did I allow this? Why do you think after I found out Alana never left my sight? Hell no I would not leave her alone around either one of them. I kept my mouth shut as that was something she had to deal with, after North Carolina as far as I knew June had not seen McDaniel. I did not know she even bought him a car! we found that out threw media contacts who found evidence and proof.

Nevermind that the cuddling thing is exactly what he told the Enquirer.

He also knocked TMZ for reporting that he and Sugar Bear want their own spinoff TV show, an idea pushed in an online petition. Except that he says he'd really like his own spinoff TV show with Sugar Bear.

To the TMZ post that features me, well funny thing is, I never said anything about NYC or half that shit they added, I however said, If I were offered my own show that I wouldn't say no, and Id like the girls to stay involved as I'd not be who I am today without them, especially Alana, how does everyone think I got this dang nickname!

The rest of their post was added by them to twist a story to try and make it dramatic and shit.

I hope everyone has a good day, we will be finishing up moving in today and getting comfortable. My hubby And I will keep checking back as usual, it can't all be work and no play, haha

It's a big gay sideshow to the main event, which is Mama June's relationship with a sex offender who molested one of her own kids a decade ago. But a cloud of drama always follows Uncle Poodle. To a Walmart parking lot. To Grindr. To claims of getting an ex thrown in jail over HIV.

Can't we just go back to those happy days of food fights and redneck fun?


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