U.S. House candidate says LGBTQ people ‘sexualize children’

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A candidate for a U.S. House seat in Atlanta who compared LGBTQ people to pedophiles apologized and said the comments arose from her concern that queer people “sexualize children.”

Angela Stanton-King also conflated sexual orientation with sex, demeaned transgender people and questioned the masculinity of gay men in the early March tweetstorm. She is a Republican author and former reality show star who was pardoned by President Donald Trump in February. She is now running against U.S. Rep. John Lewis in the 5th Congressional District.

Stanton-King (photo) deleted most of the anti-LGBTQ tweets (see screenshots below) and apologized “for the way that some of [her] past posts have offended and hurt the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“It is not my intention to come against your rights nor slander the community as a whole,” she wrote on Twitter on March 13. “My concern is protecting children from any agenda of hypersexuality, whether heterosexual or homosexual or transsexual and ensure that our children maintain their innocence.”

“Adults have every right to make choices about who and how they love, but children can’t and shouldn’t be engaging with conversations about sex at all,” she added.

But Stanton-King told NBC News on March 10 that the tweets were “misinterpreted” and that there should be laws that ensure “children are not tied to the LGBTQ community.”

“I’m very concerned about the whole LGBTQ movement and the way it sexualizes children,” she said. “The LGBTQ community refers to people’s sexual preferences — lesbians like women, gay people like men — and children shouldn’t be walking advertisements for sexuality when they are not old enough to make their own decisions.”

Stanton-King also said she has a gay teenage son and a gay aunt.

One of the anti-LGBTQ tweets was not deleted. It complains about transgender people.

Stanton-King was convicted on federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring in 2004 and spent two years in prison. Trump called her “a champion for redemption and rehabilitation for all who strive for a better life,” in a White House statement following her pardon.

Stanton-King appeared on the BET docuseries “From the Bottom Up” and wrote the 2012 book “Life of a Real Housewife.” She is the goddaughter of Alveda King, according to the AJC. King, a niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., has a long anti-LGBTQ history, including comparing same-sex marriage to genocide.

Atlanta City Councilmember Antonio Brown called Stanton-King’s tweets “delusional rhetoric.” He is the only openly LGBTQ member of the council.

(h/t AJC)


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