Toxic troll Jody Hice keeps trolling Georgia’s gays

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Anti-gay troll Jody Hice, a Georgia pastor expected to win a seat in Congress this fall, wants his soon-to-be fellow lawmakers to ban discrimination, if by “discrimination” you mean bias against those who practice anti-gay discrimination. In other words, him.

Follow all that? Hice complained during a recent show on something called the Cultural & Values Network – catchy intro music! – that President Obama is discriminating against people like him who want to discriminate against the gays. How does he know? The executive order Obama signed last month protecting LGBT employees of federal contractors and transgender federal employees from discrimination.

With a stroke of his presidential pen, Hice said Obama thumbed his nose at the U.S. Supreme Court and Hice’s version of “our First Amendment, our unalienable rights” to hate on anyone he wants. So he called on Congress to repeal Obama’s executive order and “prevent the government from discriminating based on the beliefs about marriage and sexuality.”

No, really.

“Our government, our system, absolutely should be prohibited from discriminating against these types of groups,” Hice said. “Our government should not be allowed to use these things to penalize individuals and groups for not adjusting their philosophies to political correct ideas.”

It’s an important issue for Hice, who’s spent much of his adult life – and a good chunk of his Discrimination for Dummies text – promoting his theory that the gays have a secret plot to recruit and sodomize children. Some voters in the 10th Congressional District, which includes slices of metro Atlanta and Athens, said he’s too toxic for them, but not nearly enough. Those guys in drag helped, too, but still it wasn’t enough.

Hice knocked off his GOP runoff opponent and faces token opposition from Democrat Ken Dious in November. That pleased his backers, which include a certified anti-gay hate group.

Listen to the highlights of Hice’s rant in the clip from Right Wing Watch below, or hear the full episode of the show below that.


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