This Peach Party DJ comes for you in the night

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DJ Isaac Escalante knows what gay Atlanta wants, and he’s ready to give it to you. Smack in the middle of three Peach Party dance days and in the smack middle of the night, he’s coming for you.

No wonder Escalante means “escalate” in Spanish, because that’s exactly what this international sensation plans to do to the weekend-long party on Saturday night. Well, it will technically be Sunday morning when Escalante (photo) escalates Peach Party with his after-hours magic.

“Sexy House beats!” Escalante exclaims about his style. “I’ve been to Atlanta for many years, so you know what to expect from one my sets: Fun, fun fun!”

As the dancing queens have come to expect, GA Boy Productions’ annual series of DJ eventssets an already sizzling summer on full flame. It’s easily one of the Best Gay Things To Do in Atlanta This Weekend. Friday brings brings DJ Shane Stiel to Heretic followed by Cindel at Xion, then Alain Jackinsky to Jungle on Saturday before Escalante’s after-hours Xion set.

“I’m playing a lot of dark and sexy music,” he says. “I’m going to bring it!”

The Mexico City native is playing a lot of Nicole Moudaberright now, and he may tease some new tracks he’s producing to release later this year. One is a top-secret original, and one is a collaboration remix with Alan T for Yinon Yahel.

Even as Sunday’s events continue with DJ Kevin Durard at BJ’s, Alyson Calagna at Jungle and DJ Abel at Xion into Monday morning, Escalante heads from here to Toronto and Madrid. But before he can think about that, he’s excited to return to Atlanta.

The city holds a special place in his heart. His local debutcame in 2009, and he rocked the Joining Hearts closer in 2013, to name just two times he won us over.

“I have good friends in Atlanta,” he tells Project Q. “You boys know how to party! Save room, and I’ll see you guys Sunday morning at Xion.”

Isaac Escalante plays Peach Party on June 21 @ Xion, 3 a.m. – 7 a.m. Keep up with him on Twitter,Facebook, or on his website.


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