This gay Atlanta white boy will teach you to twerk

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It’s been more than a year since Atlanta baby gay Cael Harden made the boys bounce with his booty and dropped “How To: Twerk.” The YouTube video attracted more than a million views, so we reached out to Harden to see if he's still twerking and what pushed this diva to viral success.

Harden talked with us about coming out – on YouTube of course, with 425,000 views – which diva is his spirit animal and when the video dry spell is going to come to an end. His videos have been viewed nearly 2.5 million times, but it's been 10 months since he delivered a new one.

It’s been nearly four years since you shared your coming out story on YouTube. How has your life changed since coming out?

Well, coming out was definitely the hardest, but by far the best decision of my life. I was always so shy and quiet before coming out, terrified to meet new people or even leave my house. You'd never guess that judging by my YouTube account. When I came out, I found a confidence I never knew existed. I could finally be the person I wanted to be without giving a single #%^ what anyone thought anymore. I definitely would've never been able to turn on a camera and make the videos I do now if I hadn't found that confidence.



“How to: Twerk” has released more than a million views since its release a year ago. Are you still twerking or have you moved on?

Oh I'm most definitely still twerking. All day everyday, doesn't matter when or where. I twerk as I brush my teeth, I twerk as I cook dinner, I twerk at Taco Bell, I twerk at the grocery store. I'm twerking as we speak!

I lost track of the number of hair flips while watching your videos. Which is your biggest asset, your booty or your hair?

I do flip my hair a lot, huh? Hands down my biggest asset is the booty! It's my pride and joy! [laughs, flips hair]

You recently went blonde. Do blondes have more fun?

I'm a natural blonde, but I've been coloring my hair dark brown since I was 15 years old.  So, one night my friends stopped by for drinks, and after a beer (or 12) we decided to throw some foils up in this weave and lighten it. I will say, I haven't seen this much attention from guys since I was 16 years old sneaking into the gay clubs in my hometown. So it would seem blondes do, in fact, have more fun. [laughs]

I’d venture to say Beyoncé, but who is your diva spirit animal?

Once again I'd have to agree. However, if I could really choose a diva spirit animal, I'd be a Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey hybrid with Ke$ha's alcohol problem. So I'd be Lady Del Reyon¢é … boom!



There’s an Instagram picture (above) of you in a corset and you obviously have a performer’s personality. Could we see you in drag on the ATL circuit?

Oh, Lord! I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fantasized about throwing on a wig, beating my face and lip-synching on stage to a Beyoncé hit. But if I ever tried to turn the fantasy into a reality, those queens would rip me a new one! They're so polished and make it look so easy; I'd get up there and make a complete fool of myself. So, I think I'll just keep lip-synching in my bathroom mirror … for now.

Have you left Georgia for the Big Apple? What is going on with NYC?

I'm still a Georgia boy. Recently though, I signed a contract with Viacom to make videos for Logo and MTV, so I was in and out of NYC a lot. I will say life there is perfect. I love NYC so much, however, it's super easy to get lost in the lifestyle. So it's not for the naive or faint of heart. For me, the rush of city life is exactly what I need to keep me motivated. It's easy for me to get too comfortable and start procrastinating. Where I'm from in Georgia is so small and laid back, it's easy to get lazy. In NYC, there's no time for that and I love it.

It’s been a while since you’ve posted anything on YouTube. What’s up?

I still make YouTube videos. Like I said I was busy traveling, signing contracts and everything that I took a while off, but I'm about to start making and uploading YouTube videos regularly – so much so that people will probably get sick of me fast.

Stay connected with Harden on YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Yes, honey. All of them.



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