The most detestable Project Q villains of 2011

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To find the most villainous villains of 2011 wasn’t all that difficult. Bigots tend to show their strips loudly and proudly like they are attending Anti-Gay Pride. But sometimes our enemies come from within and we’re not shy about calling them detestable, too.

Here’s our list of Project Q Atlanta’s most detestable villains of the year. Loathe them. Love them. But most important, learn from them.

Newt Gingrich, the Grinch who would steal LGBT rights

imageWhen even your half-sister the lesbian apologist has had enough, you know you’ve really stunk up the place. That’s Newt Gingrich, the former professor and metro Atlanta Congressman who wants to be more anti-gay than Rick Santorum. Yes, that Santorum. He wants nothing to do with gay marriage, targeted judges in Iowa that allowed it and would put gays in the military back in the closet. Whoring for votes in Iowa earlier this month, Gingrich even pulled out an oldie but a goodie from anti-gay bigots of the past: Gays choose their sexual orientation and can instead choose to be celibate.

Pasha Nicole, mistress of sex trafficking and braggarty

When you are (allegedly) in cahoots with your go-go dancer housemate to force teenage guys into prostitution and pulling out their junk so you can shoot a video, you probably want to avoid going on Fox 5 and bragging about how clueless you are of the noises coming from the master bedroom closet. Douglas County cops didn’t buy it and neither did a grand jury. So the Atlanta drag queen (top photo) – known to prosecutors as Christopher Thomas Lynch – was arrested and indicted. Sashay away, girl, right to the Big House. After that, there’s a special place in Hell for people who (allegedly) prey on their own.

Chick-fil-A, peddler of Jesus Chicken and other tasty anti-gay stuff

imageYou can jog with the gays all you want, Dan Cathy, but you still lord over an Atlanta based company that spends millions of dollars so other groups can work against LGBT equality. Heck, even your own WinShape Foundation bans the gays, despite what you say publicly.

It’s a shame, really, because we love your food and your high standard of customer service. But we love ourselves more. No amount of your tasty, creamy, silky-smooth milkshakes will wash away the bitter anti-gay aftertaste you leave in our mouth.

Eddie Long, Megadaddy preacher with boys on the side

imageWho isn’t learning how to quit Bishop Eddie Long these days? There’s the young men who publicly accuse him of coercing them into sex after lavish gifts and global-trotting trips. His wife. His Wildchild. Even Rev. Bernice King, who shares Long’s love of publicly touting his anti-gay views, though not his penchant for same-sex sexual shenanigans and self-portraits in tight t-shirts snapped in front of the bathroom mirror.

It’s no wonder that this paragon of hypocrisy has stepped away from the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church he built into a megachurch.

Eagle cops, who do shots of their anti-gay juice

imageSitting around a gay bar, knocking back beers and shots at taxpayer expense and talking all anti-gay trashy before you raid the place isn’t enough. Now, the cops behind the Eagle raid in September 2009 want to avoid all discipline, ballsy enough to plead their case before a civilian review board. That’s more consideration than they gave the dozens of patrons of the bar during the raid, instead subjecting them to unconstitutional searches, verbal threats and harassment, and even sending the health concerns of one bar employee in overdrive, prompting a trip to the hospital – after his trip to the city jail, of course.

Herman Cain, conductor of the Anti-Gay Express

imageOK, Herman Cain isn’t all bad. He likes his men as meaty tops – don’t we all! – and the woman with which he wasn’t carrying on a torrid 13-year affair with had her own lesbian thing happening on the side. That aside, this Georgia businessman and failed GOP presidential candidate stunk when it came to LGBT rights. He rode his Anti-Gay Express train until it crashed and burned somewhere between Marriage Infidelity and Sanctity of Marriage.

You may think the homos can wash away the gay, Herman, but no amount of scrubbing is going to free us from the memories of your anti-gay sound bites.

Peggy Danby, meanest woman in Midtown

imageThis queen of Not in My Backyard whining comes armed with her own Midtown militia that, amazingly, includes some LGBT folks. They salute her as this activist fine-tuned in city ordinance minutia targets gay bars and transgender sex workers with great success. She’s so overjoyed with taking the personality out of Midtown nightlife that this year she turned her sights on the homeless folks who populate the stretch of the Atlanta Beltline that runs through her fiefdom.

Jennifer Keeton, morally-wrong counselor

imageWhen even a conservative appeals court bitch slaps you, it’s been a rough time. But that’s exactly what Jennifer Keeton deserves. The conservative Christian graduate student at Augusta State University wants to counsel LGBT clients that they are morally wrong and that their homosexuality can be treated. When the college objected, she threw a fit at a remediation program that might show her that the gays aren’t evil, along with enlightening her about the ethics of her chosen profession. The Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, no bastion of liberal judges, sided with the school by saying its remediation plan does not “constitute discrimination against Keeton’s views regarding homosexuality.”

Gwinnett schools, filterer of all things gay except ex-gay

imageThe web masters of Gwinnett County schools make it easier for students in the state’s largest school system to become ex-gay than proud and gay. The ACLU of Georgia objected to the school system’s overly aggressive web filters, which filter out LGBT sites. The school system and Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks yawned.

The debate divided into three camps: Gwinnett sucks because of the filters, the gays suck, and block all outside sites or block none.

Have your own suggestions for the villains of 2011? Let us know in the comments. You can upload a photo with your suggestion, too.


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