The 18 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

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Guys on Grindr love to complain about profiles without face pics. But really, who doesn’t enjoy admiring a torso full of muscles and abs and all the man candy goodness that the cruising app can offer?

So we scoured Grindr guys in Atlanta this week to pull together this collection of our favorite chests. Enjoy and when cruising Grindr, try and remember not to fuck it up with lines like this: “Wanna prison rape me?”

Young, toned and single.

What’s not to like about that? This clean-cut 21-year-old is “attracted to intelligence, health and general world knowledge.” Because nothing says “world knowledge” quite like a bare muscled chest.

Tall and muscular.

Muscled and hairless, this toned torso comes with a side of biceps. Tall (6’1”) and nearly 30 (29), too.

Pecs with hair.

This muscular guy likes his chest hair trimmed, please. Works for us.

Latin with a kiss.

Not only does this Latin guy workout and offer abs for days, he can kiss. How do we know? He says so with his screen name: BestKisserByFar.

Count the abs.

Some chest hair, lots of abs and lots of muscle. What else does a torso need?

Jock pleasure.

This is the guy you’ll see in the club, pulling off the shirt and dancing the night away. If you’re looking for the prototypical white jock, you’ve found it in this 28-year-old.

Hairy pecs.

Big and built with chest hair included. This tall (6’3”) strapping dude (185 pounds) folds his arms across his beefy, hairy chest as if to say, “Come and get some if you can handle it.” Oh yes we can.

The tease.

A toned and hairy chest is always a winner. But this white jock teases that when you get down to those jeans, he wraps his package with fashionable taste – Diesel underwear.

Bathroom booty.

This muscled guy lets his pic speak for itself. No words, no sales pitch. It’s him, those orange briefs and that spacious shower in the background.

Hey daddy.

At 43, this daddy shows that muscle isn’t just for the young. He’s shorn off any chest hair to show you exactly what you’ll get.

Brawny beefcake.

This guy pulls it all together in one hunky package. Tall (6’1”). Beefy (210 pounds). Not afraid of some chest hair. And even teases that he’s got some facial scruff, too.

Brawny beefcake, the sequel.

The perfect bookend to our brawny beefcake friend above is this 26-year-old guy, a 6’2” and 210 pound mass of muscular goodness.

Young and rugged.

This 22-year-old shows that a muscular hairy chest isn’t just for older guys. He describes himself as a rugged geek and jock. Now that sounds like a fun combo.

Pecs like plates.

When your pecs are big enough to serve dinner on, then come talk to this guy. At 6’3” and 205 pounds, he’s ready to serve up some chesty fun.

Artsy hunk.

Don’t be fooled by this hunk’s talent with a photo app. This 28-year-old is toned, tall (6’1”) and weighs in at a slim 169 pounds.

Solid and tight.

Thight94 packs a bunch into his 5’10” frame. That’s 190 pounds of solid muscle that this 40-year-old offers up.

Single and sexy.

With a body fat percentage that has to hover in the low single digits, this muscled man candy offers just a one-word profile: Single. That chest says the rest.

Friends and fun.

This 41-year-old brags just a bit – titling his profile “It’s big!” – but he backs it up with enough chest hair, muscles and facial scruff to keep us interested.


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