The 17 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

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Outdoors or inside their bathroom, gay Atlanta guys love to snap a selfie and put their torso on Grindr. It's a collection of mancandy worthy of its own Pride parade.

Enjoy our latest collection and then see how they compare to these guys. Or this batch. Even them.

Side of booty

There's not much that can make the sell better than that chest. But a hint of muscular booty does just that.


With the hat, sunglasses and mountain in the background, this guy's an outdoorsy type. Or just into public play.

Jock through and through

“Jock” gets tossed around Grindr like snark at a drag show. But when this muscular 25-year-old puts it in his profile, bank on it. “I'll know what I'm looking for when I see,” he says. Exactly.

Trimmed and toned

This 26-year-old single guy offers up some trimmed chest hair on that muscled torso. He's a jock, he's rugged and he's discreet.

Off with the t-shirt

Lifting up his t-shirt, this Latino guy offers up a tease of what's to come. Convince him to pull off that shirt and more for run “right now.”

Clean-cut ruggedness

Toned and single, he offers an interesting mix: clean-cut, jock and rugged. Not sure that all goes together, but who's willing to try?


He's not easily impressed, going with a “yawn” in his headline. Oh to be a 21-year-old toned hottie.

Tired of bored

The yawning twink above needn't bother with this mixed, muscular guy. He's discreet, open-minded and best of all, tired of the “bored' twinks on Grindr.

Beer first

He teases at what's to come, but this single guy wants to hang and get a beer before he finishes pulling off that shirt.

Pretty in pink

This single dude cropped out his bestie to show off that body. Because really, he's got enough abs for the both of them.

Looking for more

A guy on Grindr looking for more than a hookup? It happens. Like this self-described “young masc professional.”

Thumbs up

With a thumbs up in his profile, this shirtless hottie is echoing the reaction to his AussieBum jock.

Summer fun

Board shorts? Check. Chest hair? Muscles in all the right places? Check. With a checklist like that, you know this dude's Grindr is blowing up.

Smooth and sweaty

With a sheen that you hope comes from his just-finished workout, this guy is a man of few words in his profile. So skip the small talk.


Tats and abs is always a winner. He's a hottie with some modesty, too, describing himself as “average.” What sort of bell curve is he grading on?

Gym buddy

When this European guy isn't bragging about “smoking tree,” he's asking for a buddy to join him at LA Fitness. And post-workout rubdowns.

Beer goggles

This jock is getting ready without you. That beer bottle is almost empty and he's ready for more. No beer goggles needed.


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