The 17 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

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From hairy muscled goodness to toned and trimmed, Grindr guys come in all shapes of rippedness and for that we give thanks. And gay Atlanta guys keep offering up irresistible batches of ablicious mancandy.

Towels, jeans and shorts? Definitely. Enjoy our latest collection, then see how they compare to these hotties. This batch, too.

Double play

What's better than one muscled Grindr chest? Two, of course. And this partnered Asian couple is ready to serve up some double your pleasure fun. Or just chat. Uh-huh.


With this 49-year-old, “sexually negotiable” is the new versatile. And at a muscular 6-feet and 165 pounds, why not?

Twink philosophy

This lean, 19-year-old self-described twink jock offers up this bit of philosophy: “Your value doesn't decrease because of someone's inability to see your worth.” How nice. Now take off your pants.

Mixed and muscular

With a chest like that, what more do you need in a profile? This discreet jocks thinks not much. It's easy to see why not.

Slim and sexy

Slim yet toned. Young yet ready for a relationship (or right now). It's a good look for this 20-year-old.

Smattered not covered

With just enough chest hair to keep you interested, this 37-year-old single guy looks like he needs to be your next boyfriend.

Wet with abs

Every guy should look this good as he steps out of the pool. Dripping wet with abs.

A date with chest hair

This hairy top will date you. Or something. With 175 pounds of muscle on that 5'9″ frame, we'll take the something. Right now.

Summer is coming

With a tan and dressed in shorts, this 41-year-old muscular guy reminds us of all that is good with summer.

Oblique madness

Don't bring your boyfriend along to this hook up. This tall hunk likes his men single.

Toweled top

Guys in towels always do it for us. Toned and hung and easy going? Yes, please. But maybe you want to declutter that bathroom counter.

Shirt up, pants down

This toned guy likes to pull off his shirt, hit the dance floor and tease. He's fun if saddled with high expectations for Grindr: “Give me travel, museums, sculpture, fashion, pop culture, and I will be happy.”

Smooth and single

Clean cut and ready to play, this single guy offers up a smooth surface to play on.


This guy keeps it simple and clear: A jock looking for fun. You gotta like a guy who knows what he wants. Especially when he's 6' and offers 181 pounds of mancandy.

Coffee with that hook up?

As if pecs (and abs and everything) covered in enough thick black hair to get lost in glee for days isn't enough, this muscular guy comes with a cup of coffee. Maybe he'll share.

Pretty in pink

Look past the pink shorts to the muscled chest. It'll be ok.

Fit friend

This jock guy is all about gym time. Really. He says so in his profile. Like you wouldn't know from gazing at that rock hard chest. Stay thirsty, my friend.


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