The 15 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

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Picking the perfect chests on Grindr is arduous work. But since we provided our picks for the 18 best Atlanta chests, you've asked for more. So we toughed it out to find you more torsos.

This is our latest collection of man candy goodness. From lean and hairless to just hairy and hot, it's a mix of muscled goodness in shorts, towels and jeans that makes playing on Grindr so much fun.

Furry chest

This hairy hunk (5' 10″ and 167 pounds) offers a pretty simple sell: good top. He's clean cut, hairy and ready for right now. Did we mention hairy? Yum.

Tat tease

This toned and tight guy promises, “I do it bigger and better!!!” So of course he likes tall guys. But they better like smaller guys. He stands 5' 9″ and teases with some tats on his left arm.

Simple and suggestive

This muscular dude doesn't offer much in his profile. But with the shirt pulled off and his jeans pulled open, what more do you need?

Sweatpants success

Sweatpants get us every single time. Pair that with a side of beef and an abundance of chest hair and this 39-year-old has us hooked.

Toned 'friend'

This muscular 32-year-old is up for fun, friends or whatever. With that muscular chest, the whatever could take awhile.

Ready and fit

With the gym shorts on and the ear buds in, it's clear that this 18-year-old takes his gym time seriously. In fact, he's obsessed with it. No doubt it works for him.

A little freaky

OK, maybe a lot. This 30-year-old pitches himself as a fun freak. Grindr translation: This jock is open to anything.

Frat fun

With a chest that screams UGA frat boy, there's nothing else you need. Really.

Pecs with hair

Your bathroom never looked as good as it would with this muscular, single guy standing in it without a shirt. He's discreet, he's a jock and he's rugged.

Athletic fun

This 25-year-old is tall – at 6', he's tall for Grindr anyway – and muscular and not looking for “anything too serious.” Which is perfect. Because Grindr.

Count the abs

This muscular guy makes a simple sell: A pic full of abs uncluttered with words.

Hunky ginger

Who loves a ginger? You know you do. And this one is kinda smart, a little dorky and a whole lot of sexy.

Pec paradise

With pecs that scream for attention, this jock packs quite a muscular punch in his 5'6″ frame.

Toned in a towel

Lucky towel.

Work out much?

This muscular dude touts that he's “On My Way.” Apparently from the gym.


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