Stonewall Bar awards $33,000 in grants to help trans Atlantans

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The Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia granted $11,000 each to three Atlanta non-profits that fight for housing, healthcare and education for Black transgender people.

The inaugural Stonewall Racial Justice Grant went to Trans Housing Atlanta Program, Ubuntu Inc. and the Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation. The organizations were selected from 17 applicants.

“The [grant] was developed to meet the moment of these challenging times that have combined a pandemic, a recession and a reckoning with racial justice in Georgia,” Stonewall Bar President Barret Broussard (photo) told Project Q Atlanta.

“Stonewall wanted to send financial resources to organizations that directly benefit the most marginalized in the LGBTQ community — Black transgender and gender non-binary folx — at a time when fundraising for non-profits would be down across the board,” he added.

Stonewall Bar’s sponsors and members raised money for the grants in lieu of the group’s annual in-person gala. They canceled the event due to the coronavirus pandemic. A virtual event scheduled for Tuesday will be honor the recipients.

Ubuntu provides peer counseling and assistance with transition-related health needs for trans people in Atlanta. Founder Derek Baugh was “so excited and grateful” to receive the grant.

“I remember telling my wife that now we could do more of the things that we have been discussing and how excited I am,” he said. “I also told one of my mentors about it and she expressed how proud she was of me, which made my heart swell even more.”

The Mabry Foundation’s Thrive with Pride program helps trans youth graduate from high school and go to college. Mabry said trans activist and journalist Monica Roberts told her about the Stonewall grant program just weeks before she died on Oct. 5.

“The last thing that Monica ever did for me was she pushed me to apply for the Stonewall Bar Association grant, and I got funded,” Mabry said. “Monica made sure that trans youth of color would have the opportunity to get a high school diploma.”

“[Stonewall Bar] empowered me to show up in full force for the transgender community, and I’m eternally grateful for that,” she added.

Trans Housing Atlanta Program opened a facility to house seven trans women in College Park in July. The group also helps trans clients with utility and rental assistance.

THAP program manager Justine Ingram said that she was “super thrilled” to win the grant.

“This grant comes at a critical time as many transgender and gender nonconforming individuals are in need of increased housing resources due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and racial and gender tensions throughout the community,” she said.

Ingram expects the number of THAP clients needing assistance will double by the end of the year due to the pandemic.

“This grant alone will allow us to continue the work that we are currently doing and begin to create new innovative programming to better serve our constituents,” she added.

The Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia elected Broussard president in 2019.

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