Shorter stands by ban on sexing, drinking gays

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imageShorter University in north Georgia won’t live the fast and loose liberal lifestyle. The private school is standing firmly behind a new ban on gay, non-Christian, sex without marriage, adultery-committing, cocktailing employees as it continues to cozy up to religious conservatives.

On Oct. 21, Shorter trustees approved a Personal Lifestyle Statement that all employees must sign. Included in the document’s four-pronged Principles of Personal Conduct is this nugget: “I reject as acceptable all sexual activity not in agreement with the Bible, including, but not limited to, premarital sex, adultery, and homosexuality.” Don’t sign and the statement promises disciplinary action “up to and including immediate termination.”

Employees must also agree to remain loyal to the school’s Christian-based mission, not engage in the sale and use of illegal drugs, premarital sex, drink in front of students and the whole gay sex thing. The school wants its employees to be transparent; its attorney says the school is on solid legal footing.

So if you’re a celibate homo who thumps the Bible instead of knocks back cocktails on the weekend, go ahead and apply.

“They (employees) must be transparent,” Shorter President Donald Dowless (photo) tells the Rome News-Tribune. “The rules are already in place and we have set up fair expectations up front. It is not unusual for any company to have a code of conduct.”

Since trustees OK’d the measure, it’s been steadily gaining attention. WSB weighed in on Wednesday with a piece from reporter Michael Buczyner. But really, WSB. Even Shorter, in its Joe McCarthy-like purge of its employee ranks, knows better than to use “sexual preference,” which is offensive. They call it like it is – “homosexuality.”

Buczyner refers to “sexual preference.” Worse yet, so does anchor Jovita Moore in her lead-in to Buczyner’s story. Did she learn nothing from sitting next to a drag queen during Carnevale on Saturday?

But the friendly banter stops when it comes to the comments of Rome News-Tribune readers. They’ve been tripping over themselves to offer their two cents on the new Shorter policy. You can imagine how that’s going:

Nothing like religion to get the nut case religion bashers all riled up and calling names. I’m sure that Shorter will be just fine and continue to provide the same type of education they always have to a group of people that don’t live the fast and loose liberal lifestyle of the vocal minority in this country.

Sadly, Christians have been greatly demonized in not only public schools but in the media. Students have grown up in public school told their Christian belief is bigoted. Anytime a group such as Shorter declares specific faith statements that are not PC, then the college is deemed ‘bigoted and intolerant’, I say

Anyone attending or employed by Shorter University is doing so of their own free will. If they do not like the terms, there are many other universities where they may work or attend school.

being a christian i DO NOT believe in Homosexuality

god intended intended it to be male and female


God Created ADAM and EVE, not adam and steve

if you dont like it DON’t GO to SCHOOL at Shorter, plain and simple, its a private institution and they can do whatever they want, Bravo Shorter, I congratulate you on going back to the basics of the Christian faith and morals

Hold on, where’d this reasonable commenter come from?

What Shorter has done and has become is unchristian, unintelligent, and should be (if it’s not) illegal.

It used to be a wonderful college, a quality college.

Sad, sad, sad….


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