‘RuPaul’s’ Tyra Sanchez tells critic ‘kill yourself’

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They say fame is a cruel mistress. When it’s visited upon a young drag queen, goes sour on social media and she makes it worse, fame is nothing short of a sadistic bitch. Ask “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Tyra Sanchez.

In the Twitter Age, everyone with a keyboard can enjoy a passing relationship with famous people, and everyone with an opinion can publish to the masses. When both the haters as well as their famous victims succumb, it’s a cluster. Make some popcorn and join us as we peek in on the subjects in their natural habitat.

On Aug. 10, Sanchez let a Twitter hater get to her. The critique “Tyra Sanchez is the most annoying thing I ever watched. [gun emoticons]” earned the tweet that has dominated the drag queen’s social feeds since.


That tore it. The former Atlanta resident, now of Orlando, set off a firestorm that eventually bled onto Facebook and continues to earn backlash from fans. Some even called for RuPaul to rescind Sanchez’s six-year-old “Drag Race” crown.

“Let’s take her crown away and give it to Raven.”

“This isn't cool, Tyra. You have a lot of eyes on you. Represent yourself and your brand well. Suicide is not a joke, nor a comeback.”

“You’re a role model for LGBT youth who are at high risk for suicide. I used to like you but no. Unfollow!”

Sanchez initially responded to the deluge of critics by giving “zero fucks.”


Then she called suicide victims cowards. Even with supporters who agreed, the firestorm exploded. Sanchez continued to defend her position, even repeating “Kill yourself” and excusing it with an “everybody says it” mentality.

“I'm dead! I literally CANNOT. Lol die! Bitch you're stupid [Emoticon] Kill yourself.”

-Me & Every Twink, Drag Queen & Fag Hag in America

Finally, on Aug. 18, Sanchez wrote the super long version of her stance that includes personal history, the woes of being famous and withstanding threats, and these tidbits.

Had I told her to go fuck herself would that be more pleasing to you? Yeah maybe my choice of words may have been a little harsh. Maybe I should have advised her to play in traffic or to kick rocks? She wouldn't literally go fuck herself and I'm more than sure she wouldn't literally go outside and find some rocks to kick. Now I'm not sure if she would not have mind playing a game or two of dodge ball with Toyota and Buick (joke people, it's a fucking joke), but I'm damn sure she didn't literally kill herself. Moral of the story? Don't dish out what you can't take back. So to all of you fucks writing me horrible things I say to you, FUCK OFF! …

I never signed up to be a role model. I'm not asking you to follow me. You decided that on your own. So as your leader I'm not going to throw you a surprise pity party! Grow some balls! Grow a backbone and stand up for your life and own happiness. Suicide is not the answer. Don't be a coward. If anyone wants to bully you tell them to fuck off, go play in traffic and to kick rocks.

The whole thing has long descended into a cluster of social responsibility, personal stupidity and a PR atrocity. Makes you want to rethink the whole concept of role models.

Wherever you fall on what was said, the drama is just the latest in a string of missteps for Sanchez. At least this one didn’t land her in a jail cell or courtroom, like the weed bust in suburban Atlanta, the assault charges in Virginia Beach, or the dead beat dad accusations from her baby mama. Speaking of which, what happened to all those “Drag Dad” funds?

Oh, well. It’s not the first time a “Drag Race” winner fell from grace, laid a stink over their public image and made no apologies. Right, Sharon Needles?


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