Raven readies her ‘drag dream’ for Atlanta

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Consider the fierce queens that have graced the runway of “RuPaul's Drag Race.” The really, really fierce ones. Season 2's Raven must come to mind. Now she's arriving in Atlanta for two nights of shows.

The dark lady herself lands at Burkhart's for two performances, adding to a list of “RuPaul's” alums that hit the gay bar in recent months. Hey there, Sonique (view photos) and Shannel (view photos).

Project Q Atlanta caught up with Raven ahead of her stop in Atlanta to kiki about “Drag Race,” who she keeps in contact with from the show and what she's got planned next. It’s time to put on your reading glasses, children!

Raven! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to speak to you. You’ve been one of my top 3 queens from the very get-go.

Well, thank you. I’m excited to get the chance to speak to you, as well.

So obviously, you were a standout star on “RuPaul's Drag Race” and “Drag Race All-Stars.” What is it about Raven that people are so drawn to?

I believe the thing that most people are drawn to is the fact I am so forthright. I keep things cut and dry and will always keep it real. Where some people may not always speak their mind. I always do, sometimes to a fault. I give my opinion when asked and only when asked. I also think I have shown that although I have an edgy exterior, I am also a very warm and caring person. I do think that I take pride in what I do, that goes for just about everything I do in life. I believe that that did not go unnoticed. I am by no means the best, obviously, but do have much integrity in my drag and how I present myself on stage.

Who is the one person you kept in contact with the most from the show? Who is your drag bestie?

Well I, of course, have kept in contact with Morgan McMichaels. We have worked together since we both started back in 2002. Sisters for Life! I talk to Jujubee almost every day, whether it is through text or on the phone. We bonded immediately on the show. I knew the moment Juju walked in the workroom, we would be in each other’s lives forever. I do work with others very frequently, at home or on the road. Not all of us are expected to stay in touch. I think a lot of the other cast members expected that. We all crossed paths at a point in time, we do share a common bond, but it does not mean we all have to keep in close contact.

What's next for you in terms of career? Are you just gonna tour the world being fabulous or can we expect more?

Well, I am all over the U.S. and so excited to finally be coming to Atlanta! I am living my drag dream. I said early on, “If this is something I am going to continue doing, I want to travel and bring my drag to all corners of the world.”

Who were you rooting for last season? Were you Team Jinkx, Team Alaska and Team Roxxxy?

I was 100 percent Roxxxy Andrews. This is why: Roxxxy is a polished queen from head to toe. Make up is right. Hair is right. Body is right. Costuming is right. Basically, I think she is right. I feel like so many of the viewers got caught up in the drama and almost treated it like a presidential election. It is a fun show. Enjoy it.

You've never been to Burkhart’s. What should everyone who comes out expect from you?

A little of this and a little of that. I do not normally do Top 40. They will most likely have never heard some of the songs I have chosen to bring. I am super excited to finally be coming to Atlanta!

Raven performs at Burkhart's May 23-24 during Dancefloor Divas with “RuPaul's” alum Phoenix (Thursday) and the Fab Five (Friday)


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