10 ways to help cure those summertime blues

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The excitement of Memorial Day, the thrill of Stonewall Month, and the giddiness over weekly pool parties are long gone.

Netflix and Pornhub are endless, but their entertainment value isn’t. Plus, it’s basically too damn hot to do anything but hole up near an air conditioner and pray for the sweet relief of fall.

For some people, the body has a tough time adjusting to earlier sunrises and later sunsets. Instead of waking and enjoying the extra daylight, you get the “sads.”


SAD is an actual a thing – Seasonal Affective Disorder. A whole other set of circumstances usually affects people in winter, but the Summer Onset SAD variety is just as, well, sad.

Beyond that, maybe summer has just gone on too long, and it’s time for a change. Maybe you have vacation envy from your social feeds.

Cruel summer? If you succumb to the summer SADs, try these tips. They actually work.

Sleep in

That blinding light through the window at the butt crack of dawn may make sleeping sound impossible, and endless weeks of getting up with the sun could be taking its toll. Consider blackout curtains or a sleep mask to get extra winks.

Lower Expectations

Building up summer in your mind can create a disconnect when compared to reality. Prepare for boredom, and be pleasantly surprised when everything goes fine.

Build in Relaxation Time

It’s overwhelming to overdo, and burnout is common during summer. Map out some down time.

Work It Out

Getting the blood pumping keeps your mind sharp and lifts your spirits. Simply walking 35 minutes a day, three times a week, can stave off mild to moderate depression.

Social Reality Check

No, everyone on Facebook and Instagram does not have a better dog, boo or schedule than you. Stop comparing your movie to their highlight reel. 

Love that Body

Warm-weather fashions send you running for cover-ups? Stressing about your body every time you get dressed? Fit or not, love your body enough to pamper and celebrate it as is.

Live in the Moment

New Year and spring feel like beginnings, but summer flying by can feel like time is fleeting. Print your best summer photos and put them on your wall to celebrate – not what was, but the here and now.

Brighten up to Lighten Up

Surrounding yourself with light and color really helps you feel better. Wear bright hues. Get out, use light therapy devices (Google it), or sit by a window.

Get the D

Your body gets most, if not all, of its Vitamin D3 from the sun, so if you’re avoiding the heat, you could be starving for sunlight. A full 88 percent of Americans don’t get enough D3, so consider a supplement if not getting outside.

Make Plans

Looking toward the future is one of the best spirit lifters. Plan a vacation, a weekend, a night on the town, or a walk.

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