Queer Atlanta rides edge between just enough and way. too. much.

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You already know that the queer ATL is the place to find abundant opportunities to spoil yourself. The next month of merriment, and this issue of Q Magazine, are all about it – with one big caveat.

From cocktails to shopping and more, vices are your just reward for a hard-fought week any time, and maybe even more during the holidays. Living a little can mean living a lot between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This issue of Q takes you there with a vastly expanded Queer Agenda calendar, and a do’s-and-don’ts preview of Atlanta’s biggest queer holiday fetes, Toy Party.

In our cover feature, there’s a spread of sexy red fashions that won’t make you holiday hokey, along with shopping tips on where to find the looks. Speaking of sexy, we also look at what’s truly attractive in our 10 Queer Things. Spoiler alert: It’s not all finances and fitness.

The month of merriment may find you grabbing an extra coffee, dessert or an extra friendly friend. A drink or five hits the spot. Retail therapy does, in fact, buy a little happiness, and hard exercise sweats out the Haterade. We are here for all of it.

Go ahead. Blow off steam. Eat, drink and be a big ol’ Mary, Mary Jo, Mascy Joe, or whoever it is you channel. Vices add spices. Temporarily escape the boring and just-plain-hard parts of your fabulous life.

But we also know the dark side of indulgence. You do too: The queer who skips sleep and showers to play video games. Those among us who eat, shop or fuck our feelings. Even a healthy relationship with the gym can be an unhealthy obsession with a warped body image – check out this week’s spread on what’s truly sexy.

And we all know the person who turns every reason to celebrate into something much messier by the end of the night. Extra drinks and excess party favors regularly land them in circumstances and states of mind that they, much less everyone else, regrets.

It’s a tough time of year for a lot of queer ATLiens. Estrangement from family, friends who are out of town, or other circumstances leave some of us lonely.

It’s a natural inclination to offset discomfort and pain with bad habits, and it may be a little too easy to succumb to the temptation and overcompensate. Overdoing can catch you off guard, and recognizing the possibility now means we’re more likely to notice and do something when “just enough” turns into Way. Too. Much.

Enjoy the month of merriment. Go balls out at the bar, and remember they sell water and juice too. Indulge in food, and remember you don’t have to eat it all today. Build that body and enjoy his, hers or theirs, but remember there are other aspects to life.

As a recovering addict, I would never tell you when to say when, but if you know for yourself it’s an issue, ask someone you can trust to talk. Q is proud to be part of the community, and we want to keep you in it too for years to come.

E-mail Publisher and Editor Mike Fleming at [email protected].

The latest issue of Q magazine hits stands starting Wednesday. Read the digital version below.


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