QATLus turns spotlight on LGBTQ arts and culture

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Virtual and distanced, two film festivals turn their lights and cameras toward Atlanta and are ready for action. Q ATLus magazine highlights all of the LGBTQ offerings at one world-class venerable event and at a burgeoning brand new one.

The Q spotlight also shines on 10 ways to nurture and perpetuate queer culture. Then the limelight turns to a queen who’s more than comfortable there: Bianca Del Rio is in town this weekend.

Q Community meets local entrepreneur Snoop Dillard, and we illuminate the week’s best Q Events and Q Advice. Thumb through our pages virtually below. Catch us daily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, here at home.

Read the latest issue here:

Pick up each weekly edition of QATLus at LGBTQ and allied venues around Atlanta, and find fresh content right here every day.


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