Porsha gay baits into new ‘Housewives’ season

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Porsha Williams is back to her sermonizing, gay-baiting ways on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” this time accusing a cast member of being a lesbian like it's a bad thing.

It's not, of course. Yet Williams (photo left) acts as if it is during Season 9 of the hit Bravo show, which premiered on Sunday. She accuses singer, songwriter and Atlanta Pride party-goer Kandi Burruss (photo right) of being an “undercover lesbian.”

The clip is expected to air sometime this season. But Burruss isn't waiting to address Williams and her renewed homophobic bent. Burruss dismissed Williams' quip in several interviews and set the record straight, so to speak. Via BET:

The “My Little Secret” vocalist spilled all the tea Thursday when she addressed rumors started by Williams while on The Real. During the new season of RHOA, Williams had suggested that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, propositioned her for a threesome. Kandi shut those candy-coated fantasies down right away.

“There was a girl and girl kiss between she and I that she initiated,” Burruss said on The Real. “It didn’t go further than that.”

Well, just a little further than that, Burruss explained to Page Six.

“[Williams] kissed me and then she said something very vulgar … very sexual,” Burruss said, before she invited Burruss and [husband Todd] Tucker back to Williams’ hotel room.

'Williams has denied the incident, but Burruss claims she has proof — referencing a text message from Williams that read “don’t worry I won’t try to rape you on camera.”

Besides Williams' need to use RHOA as a platform for her gay baiting, Burruss said Williams might have tossed out “undercover lesbian” since she owns a sex toy line called Bedroom Kandi and fans already awesome she's “so freaky.”

“We don't even have a sex dungeon, by the way, even though it sounds like a good idea,” she told “The Real.” (Watch below)

Homophobia, sadly, is nothing new for the anger-challenged Williams. She's delivered a homophobic sermon and issued a non-apology apology when it became public. She's called her ex-husband Kordell Stewart a queen and gay-baited her way through their divorce. And while they were still married, Williams fended off rumors about Stewart's sexual orientation by saying he's too much of a man to be gay.

“He is more man for me than I have ever met. To me, gay is just out of the window.”

“I know my husband and I know a real man and I know when someone is probably not.”

And worse, he couldn't be gay because Stewart didn't let her put a finger in his ass. Seriously.


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