Peach Party serves ‘Peach Tea’ dance at Heretic

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The 10th annual Peach Party delivered a daytime event to remember on Saturday afternoon at Heretic, smack in the middle of nine dance parties Thursday through Monday.

The Stonewall Month series started an extra-long weekend of events on Thursday. From there, Peach Party included day, night and morning dances at Future, Masquerade and Heretic.

That last venue is where our photographer caught the Peach Tea Dance featuring DJ Isis Muretech. The Medusa crew sponsored the afternoon with gladiator-themed go-go boys and décor for the indoor-outdoor event.

Peach Party hit Heretic a few times this year. It was the scene of Friday night’s primetime event, and it joined Medusa once again to wrap the after-after-afterparty finale on Monday around lunchtime.

Photos by Russ Bowen-Youngblood


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