Outwrite fetes 18th anniversary [photos]

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imageMidtown’s LGBT bookstore welcomed hundreds of guests on Saturday to celebrate its 18th birthday, mingle with friends, take advantage of a huge sale and bop to the beats of popular gay DJs.

Even as Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse makes plans to move from its iconic location amid tough financial times, the atmosphere was jolly with food from Radial Café, festive conversation and ever-thumping music by DJs Jay McCracken and Chris Griswold.

imageDeep discounts on merchandise storewide and a silent auction for signed posters by some of Outwrite’s most famous guests kept the crowd flowing, too. Owner Philip Rafshoon addressed the crowd to thank them for their ongoing support and reiterate that the “Save Outwrite” campaign has begun.

He promised more details in the coming week on exactly how the campaign will work and addressed critics of his business model.

“The business model may need to change, and we may have to move,” Rafshoon said. “But a business focused on our community is not a broken business model.”

Photos by Sher Pruitt



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