Outwrite event offers a Bo Dixon for all seasons

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imageThursday brings a chance that many bear lovers have been waiting for–a chance to get up-close and personal with beefy former Colt model Bo Dixon and have him sign his sexy new calendar.

Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it would take to make it come true? When he was 42 years old, the man who would become Bo Dixon wished he looked like the muscular men in fitness magazines. He began working with a trainer.

The rest, as they say, is history. Dixon took Colt by storm and still competes in bodybuilding’s NPC division, just one grade down from the professional circuit. This past July, he won the PC Heavyweight title of Mr. Georgia.

The Outwrite event Thursday at 7:30 p.m. celebrates Dixon’s first complete calendar, “Bo Dixon: Reinvented 2010” (photos). (View the full event listing.)

Dixon recently chatted with us about his career, gay marriage in Maine, his weak spot, and putting his fetishes on display.

Project Q Atlanta: Has life changed since you became Mr. Georgia?
Bo Dixon: Anytime you have a win, where you win your class in a big show, your confidence builds up a lot. You set a new goal with competition that’s higher, so I’ll be in a bigger show with multiple states, probably mid-summer.

How different is “regular, beefy Bo Dixon” from “competition Bo Dixon”?
I used to do more bulk-up and had to lose 30-35 pounds, and now I’m doing it a lot leaner and smarter. I only lose 15-20 pounds between competitions, and I guess what you’d call my bear phase. [Laughs.] I usually eat pretty well anyway, but my weakness is cream cheese icing on carrot cake.

As far as training goes, the intensity is a lot higher than it was in the past. It’s a balls-to-the-wall approach. For this level I’m about to go into, it’s going to require a lot more heart and lots of intensity.

How did you get started in body building?
I started in 2003. It was a life-changing event. I had always done more endurance sports, running and wrestling, and they kept me more lean. I hired a trainer, and he asked me “What are you looking for?”

I was 188 pounds and had 14% body fat. By the end of the process, 6 months later, I was 183 pounds and 3% body fat.

What’s it like being an out gay man and being a body builder?
It’s never been a problem. I’m not trying to make my living as a professional body builder. For someone who is gay who is trying to get magazine covers and other deals, it would be more difficult for them. In another five years, it may be a total non-issue.

I’ve had people who are competitors or photographers from the show, maybe audience members, who recognize me and will e-mail me after or quietly come up and say “Aren’t you Bo Dixon?”

Have you experienced any homophobia?
No homophobia. Occasionally, what negativity I have received has come from the gay side. Some gay men have the desire to put my stage name out there and link it to my legal name, and they do it with malice. … In every one of those situations, you shrug your shoulders and hope that the rest of the community isn’t like that.

imageHow did you come up with your stage name?
It was something of a group effort. I kept throwing out names, and they kept getting shot down. Bo Cannon to Steve Stone to Bo Stone to Steve Mason to Mason Dixon to Bo Dixon.

The images for your new calendar are pretty sexy. What’s it like being lusted after?
Being in public, there is very little directly said to me. Sometimes they will come up and say hello. My partner is always with me, and he gets introduced.

The internet is another matter. People use that anonymity to be more forward. My partner and I have great communication, but that makes him uncomfortable. It is always flattering to get compliments from people. It is always flattering to get hit on. Beauty is fleeting, and there will be a time when I am sitting there and someone will go, “Him?”

How did you come up with the different personas for the calendar?
Those were taken out of my own real life experiences and my fetishes. The wrestling ones were very genuine. Football has always been a favorite fetish of mine. The underwear is fun, too.

As far as the theme of the calendar itself, the idea was here I am, in a re-tooled body, back into shape. Now I am saying, “Here’s how I did it. Here’s how you can do it.” There are some self-improvement tips on each month. Take a year and look at yourself and reinvent yourself.

For gay men, we get to a point where we hit our 40s, and we stop participating. We don’t go to the clubs, the events, or even the Botanical Garden. When you hit a point where you think you’re stagnant, reinvent yourself.


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