Oh, snap! Work of three prolific photographers covers Q ATLus

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Q photo essays on Atlanta’s LGBTQ community have always been one of the most popular features on our pages. Year in and year out, the most memorable of those are by photographers Jon Dean, James L. Hicks and Russ Bowen-Youngblood.

To celebrate the sheer volume of their amazing work in this issue of Q ATLus, we gathered two sets of portraits by the shutterbugs for a summer mini-series on their contributions. First up, “masc” for the masses. Cover guy Josh from our 2018 Mary’s shoot is joined by other locals swinging butch energy. Next week shines a spotlight on some of the artists’ femme portraits.

More stud energy shines in this issue as well. Q People offers a teaser for the resurrection of Podcast Q, featuring Pose actor Dyllón Burnside. Then meet local influencers crushing it on Instagram in 10 Q Things.

And since you are you and Q is Q, we offer the week’s best online and in-person Q Events and the Q Map of LGBTQ Atlanta establishments. We wrap with your weekly dose of Q Advice, this time on marriage battles you can win and those you shouldn’t even try.

Find fresh content online every day right here on Project Q Atlanta, send suggestions to our editor at mike@theQatl.com, and flip through the full issue online here:

Pick up each new edition of Q ATLus at LGBTQ and allied venues around Atlanta.


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