The new MetroFresh Uptown is now open at One Midtown Plaza, and owner Mitchell Anderson is busy meeting what he calls “a whole new audience.”

The new spot is less than two miles from MetroFresh’s flagship location at Midtown Promenade, but even that small of a distance breeds unfamiliarity to the neighborhood’s office workers, residents and visitors.

“I would say 30 or 40 percent of the people have heard of us,” Anderson (photo) told Project Q Atlanta. “But that means 60 or 70 percent haven’t, so it’s about finding those people and getting out there.”

MetroFresh Uptown opened on Aug. 21, which happened to be Anderson’s birthday.

“In a way it was great because that’s a great way to have a birthday, but I was stressed and busy all day,” he said. “But that’s fine, I’m old enough. I don’t need birthdays.”

The out restauranteur compared getting used to a new location to breaking in a new car.

“You have to find out where all the buttons are and make adjustments here and there,” he said.

Anderson’s goal was to duplicate the vibe of the Midtown Promenade location. 

“The Midtown store is so neighborhoody and so friendly and you walk in there and feel like this is yours,” he said. “My challenge was to take that mentality and put it inside an office building. So when people walk through the door, they may not know the [employees’] names, but they’ll know them because they see them every single day at the exact same time, and you just create relationships based on that.”

Take a tour of MetroFresh Uptown starting with the view outside One Midtown Plaza, and check out our other photo essays on Charis’ new Decatur home and Woofs’ new Plasters Avenue spot.

Planters were just installed in the breezeway outside (left), with tables and chairs on the way next. 

Anderson and General Manager Tiffanie McHale confer at MetroFresh Uptown's full-service cocktail bar, which features coffee from Poncey Highland's own JavaVino.

"We’re really trying to create this afterwork sort of place to hang out and unwind, and we have this great small plate menu," Anderson said.

There's also live music every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

A glance at Bar Manager Cooper Creele's creations.

Anderson created 14 new jobs with the opening of MetroFresh Uptown.

The lunch crowd begins to take shape as noon approaches.

Executive Chef Miguel Navarrete moved over from the Midtown Promenade location.

A MetroFresh Uptown team member in action.

MetroFresh Uptown has a larger sandwich menu than the one offered at the Midtown Promenade location.

Soup's ready!

The boss got books.

Order up!