DJ Joe Gauthreaux’s highly anticipated return drew more than Atlanta’s dancing queens to Heretic on Saturday. His presence also created a class reunion of sorts for gay circuit DJs.

Atlanta-based turntable wizards, known to local fans as well as dance floors across the country, flocked to the event as well. Heretic’s resident legend DJ Lydia Prim, DJ Sean Mac, DJ David Knapp (top photo, center left) and DJ Mike Pope (center right) were among those gathered to reminisce, party and see Gauthreaux in action.

The sexy DJ always leaves Atlanta wanting more, and even after a five-hour set, Saturday was no exception. As he promised in our video interview before the gig, Gauthreaux took advantage of the intimacy that Heretic provides to lay down anthems and original mixes to work the crowd into a feverish sweat.

Photos by Randall Carpenter