Five of the 10 teams from the Hotlanta Softball League participating placed in the top three of their divisions during the Gay Softball World Series last weekend in Seattle. We already knew that.

But what we didn’t know was this: the champs in the Women’s Division. That’s finally been released and you can see it below.

A few other notes from Series 2008: The Atlanta Riptide took the Spirit Award for the Women’s A Division. For a gallery of photos, there’s one from Melissa Polly Photography (password ASANA) and another from Outsports.

And while the teams were in Seattle, HSL’s Open Division Secretary, Art Davenport, bogged for us. Read his previous posts here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Women’s Division A
First: Seattle Vibe
Second: Long Beach Not Done Yet
Third: Atlanta Riptide

Women’s Division B
First: Kansas City Pride
Second: San Diego Urban Mo’s
Third: San Francisco Pilsner Panthers

Women’s Division C
First: Seattle Luna Chix
Second: Atlanta Gamma
Third: Los Angeles Rebels

Women’s Division D
First: Los Angeles Nemesis
Second: Atlanta Gamma Light
Third: San Francisco My Sisters

Open Division A
First: Los Angeles Vipers
Second: Atlanta Mudcats
Third: Phoenix Toros
Fourth: Atlanta Venom and Houston Force

Open Division B
First: Boston Club Cafe Crew
Second: Long Beach Roughriders
Third: Chicago SPIN Cougars
Fourth: Boston Angels

Open Division C
First: Dallas Xplosion
Second: Philadelphia Triple Play
Third: Twin Cities Edge
Fourth: Twin Cities Mess

Open Division D
First: Seattle Atomic
Second: Atlanta Muddawgs
Third: Boston Ramrod Machine
Fourth: Chicago Chargers