Five of the 10 Hotlanta Softball League teams competing this week in the Gay Softball World Series placed in the top three in their divisions.

But the league didn’t match the overwhelming success it enjoyed last year when three of its teams won national titles at the Series.

Games ended Saturday, leaving two Atlanta teams in the Open Division and three competing on the Women’s Division left standing among the top finishers. In the Open Division, the Mudcats placed second in A and the Muddawgs finished second in D. On the women’s side, Riptide placed third in A, Gamma took second in C and Gamma Light finished second in D.

In 2007, Riptide won the A title for its first-ever championship, while Gamma Light took third in D. The Venom, which won the Open Division A title in 2007, tied with the Houston Force for fourth place this year.

Throughout the competition, HSL Open Secretary Art Davenport has been blogging from Seattle. Read his posts here, here, here, here, here and here.

Open Division A
First: Los Angeles Vipers
Second: Atlanta Mudcats
Third: Phoenix Toros
Fourth: Atlanta Venom and Houston Force

Open Division B
First: Boston Club Cafe Crew
Second: Long Beach Roughriders
Third: Chicago SPIN Cougars
Fourth: Boston Angels

Open Division C
First: Dallas Xplosion
Second: Philadelphia Triple Play
Third: Twin Cities Edge
Fourth: Twin Cities Mess

Open Division D
First: Seattle Atomic
Second: Atlanta Muddawgs
Third: Boston Ramrod Machine
Fourth: Chicago Chargers

Results from the Women’s Division were not available late Sunday.