A limit on the number of heterosexual players allowed on teams taking part in the Gay Softball World Series is kicking up a storm of protest.

The tournament, which unfolded in Seattle late last month, involved 10 teams from the Hotlanta Softball League, five of which placed in the top three in their divisions. One of those teams, the Atlanta Mudcats, is in the middle of a simmering dispute.

The enforcement in last month’s Gay World Series in Seattle of a seldom enforced rule limiting softball teams to no more than two heterosexual players has resulted in an appeal of one team’s disqualification and a question about why such a rule still exists.

D2, a team from San Francisco, beat the Atlanta Mudcats in the series to qualify for the A Division championship game against the Los Angeles Vipers. But the Mudcats filed a protest, alleging that six of D2’s players were straight. North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAA) rules state a team in the series may have no more than two straight players on its squad. A review indicated that four of the six players were straight, D2 was disqualified, the championship was awarded to the Vipers, and the Mudcats and other teams which finished behind D2 all moved up a notch in the standings.