First there were the overwhelming votes that won Ronnie Mallette and Brent Ferricci the 11Alive WOW Wedding contest. Then an annoying if temporary anti-gay wrinkle, and finally the couple basking in their big day. Now they share their wedding album.

The couple’s highly supported vie for the win and self-described “fabulous, fabulous, fabulous” ceremony was a victory for gay Atlanta. They expressed condolences in a post-wedding bliss interview that there wasn’t room for every last online voter who helped it happen to be there to celebrate with them.

The high-end wedding that made Ferricci and Mallette’s dreams come true was the brainchild of photographers Leah and Mark. As one of the many vendors they convinced to partner with 11Alive, they of course got the photo assignment and share these shots from the big gay day.

Check out our gallery of some select images below, click over to the full set, then turn your inspiration into ways to have your own “wow” wedding without the “whoa” price.

Photos by Leah and Mark