Friends mourn Mary’s bartender Bernadette Patterson

Popular LGBTQ Atlanta bartender and DJ Bernadette Patterson died on Aug. 5 following a long illness.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta activist, pioneer Berl Boykin dies at 74

Berl Boykin – an organizer of the first Atlanta Pride march in 1971 and a longtime LGBT activist – died Saturday on the eve of the city’s 48th Annual Pride Festival. Boykin was 74.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta nightlife, media veteran Lewis Covington dies at 66

Gay Atlanta bar manager and media veteran Lewis Covington is being remembered for touching many lives in the various roles he played at the center of LGBTQ Atlanta over the past 30 years. The Friends On Ponce manager died on Sept. 6 from unknown causes at age 66.    READ MORE »

LGBTQ Atlanta mourns beloved bartender Max Westlake

Gay Atlanta bartender Max Westlake served up drinks, laughs and drag names to the community for nearly 30 years before dying on Sept. 1 from unknown causes at age 66.    READ MORE »

Beloved gay Atlanta photographer Tim Wilkerson dies at 61

Friends and fans from across LGBTQ Atlanta are mourning the death of photographer Tim Wilkerson, who died Thursday. A memorial service at Amsterdam is in the works.    READ MORE »

Atlanta LGBTQ ally, entertainer Lady Shabazz dies at 39

Friends and entertainers from across LGBTQ Atlanta will honor Lady Shabazz during a performance Monday at Cowtippers. The LGBTQ ally and performer died earlier this month.    READ MORE »

Friends, fans mourning death of Atlanta DJ Andre Brown

Friends and supporters are mourning the loss of longtime DJ Andre Brown, a popular fixture at Bulldogs and in the gay Atlanta nightlife scene for nearly two decades who died earlier this week.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta man killed in Midtown train accident

A 39-year-old gay Atlanta man died homeless and alone, likely killed by an early-morning train along tracks that cut through an LGBT nightlife corridor along Cheshire Bridge where he sometimes spent time.    READ MORE »

Atlanta trans pioneer Cheryl Courtney-Evans dies

Longtime transgender activist and pioneer Cheryl Courtney-Evans, who has battled cancer and other health issues, died over the weekend.    READ MORE »

Savannah drag legend Lady Chablis dies at 59

The legendary drag performer Lady Chablis – a fixture at Club One in Savannah and drag centerpiece of 'Midnight in the Garden and Evil' – died on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Friends mourning death of gay Atlanta man in Lake Lanier

Friends are mourning the death of a 29-year-old gay Atlanta man, beloved basketball player and Delta flight attendant who drowned in Lake Lanier.    READ MORE »

Atlanta drag legend Diamond Lil dies at 80

Atlanta drag legend Diamond Lil, who has been battling cancer and was recently moved into a hospice, died on Tuesday morning.    READ MORE »

Gay meteorologist killed in Midtown crash

A veteran gay meteorologist with the Weather Channel was killed Sunday when his car crashed into a Midtown Atlanta hotel and injured another person.    READ MORE »

Memorial service set for beloved gay Atlanta man

Gay Atlanta has two opportunities to celebrate the life of Alan Penrod, the beloved leather enthusiast, title-holder and event organizer who died last week.    READ MORE »

Gay Houston mourns loss of ‘Daddy of Montrose’

A popular gay Houston leather enthusiast, title-holder and businessman died on Tuesday after suffering an apparent heart attack.    READ MORE »

Friends mourn gay attorney ‘with big heart’

A gay Atlanta attorney who worked with LGBT non-profits and often put the needs of friends and clients ahead of his own has died. Friends will celebrate his life on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta mourns loss of its leather daddy

A popular gay Atlanta leather enthusiast, title-holder, and leather and BDSM event organizer died on Thursday after suffering a 'medical emergency.'    READ MORE »

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