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The 15 hottest hunks of your big, gay 2015

For all the gay news and entertainment that turns heads on our sites each year, hot guys remain among our most popular posts. Go figure. We ranked them from top to bottom, and these are your favorites.    READ MORE »

The 14 hottest hunks of your gay 2014

For all the news and entertainment that turns heads each year, posts about hot guys remain among our most popular. Go figure. From international studs to gay Atlanta’s own, these are your favorites.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta’s 14 most popular posts of 2014

From silly to serious, crime to punishments, dish to deaths, the top stories that rocked the LGBT-ATL most in 2014 form a crazy quilt of gay scandals, politics, religion and sex.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s 25 favorite gay photo galleries of 2012

Atlanta’s biggest gay events, hottest man candy, latest happenings, nightlife and celebrity guests. The reasons you like Project Q are the same that drive our Top 25 galleries of the year.    READ MORE »

The 12 hottest Morning Fix guys of the year

Alongside gay Atlanta’s 56 man-candiest moments of the year, the Morning Fix looks back fondly on the most popular abs, chests, bulges and biceps that made 2012 so sexy.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta’s 8 worst breakups of 2012

When your relationship hits the skids, here’s a few rules we learned this year about how to make it go more smoothly: Change the locks, hide the puppy and never go back after the ex stabs you.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta’s 10 best anti-gay haters of 2012

Singling out Georgia’s most detestable anti-gay characters of the year isn’t difficult. They tend to show their stripes pretty easily, from tweets to testimony in front of state lawmakers.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta’s 12 memorable mugshots of 2012

Crime grabbed headlines in 2012, from the Blake’s brawler who does porn to the drag queen who peddles other people. Here’s a look at the year’s most memorable mugshots. Congrats for making the list.    READ MORE »

The 56 man-candiest moments of the year

Gay Atlanta served up some man candy moments in 2012, from men on stage in their sexy briefs to hunks going poolside for charity. So many abs. But we recount them all.    READ MORE »

Most popular Project Q photo albums of 2011

Among the more than 14,000 photos we added to Project Q Atlanta this year, a few things are clear: You like your skin, Pride, car washes, Santa runs and nightlife. Here’s the most popular of 2011.    READ MORE »

Friday: Most popular Morning Fix posts of 2011

From models in skimpy briefs and jocks who roam the field all muscular tough, the Morning Fix is one of your favorite features. Ours, too. Here's the most popular of the year.    READ MORE »

The most detestable Project Q villains of 2011

To find the most villainous villains of 2011 wasn’t all that difficult. Bigots tend to show their strips loudly and proudly like they are attending Anti-Gay Pride. Here's our most detestable of 2011.    READ MORE »

The most popular Project Q posts of 2011

One great thing about being us–and we count several among Project Q Atlanta’s blessings this year–is having online resources to tell us exactly what draws your attention most.    READ MORE »