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Faeries, Sisters offer disco love affair [photos]

Call it the love child of a Radical Faeries’ Halloween and Atlanta Sisters’ Disco. That’s to say plenty of costumes, lots of fun and a heaping of flesh for the Intergalactic Love Affair on Friday.    READ MORE »

‘Body & Soul’ undresses for its opening [photos]

With a photography exhibit called “Body & Soul,” you better expect to see some flesh. Gay-owned pb&j gallery didn’t disappoint on Saturday with the opening of this popular annual show.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts gives love for Valentine’s [photos]

Joining Hearts kicked off its 25th year on Sunday in the way you'd expect from organizers of gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party: Hundreds of supporters, lots of cocktails and thumping beats.    READ MORE »

Bucks open season with beer bust [photos]

First they practiced their skills, then they knocked back some beers. Welcome to the new spring season of the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club.    READ MORE »

Armorettes go big for 33rd revelry [photos]

If you’re a troupe of campy drag queens, how do you celebrate 33 years of charity fundraising? With two nights of shows. And doughnuts. The Armorettes are big girls, you know.    READ MORE »

PALS straps on Leather & Lace Bingo [photos]

The monthly bingo game that benefits Pets Are Loving Support took on a leather theme on Wednesday, allowing players and the entertainers to wear their inner fetishists on the outside.    READ MORE »

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Friends toast fallen Blake’s employee [photos]

Friends and family of popular Blake’s employee Gary Schwartz packed to capacity a Midtown café on Feb. 3 to celebrate his life, just five days after the 39-year-old died.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta activists celebrate Prop 8 ruling [photos]

A handful of Atlanta LGBT activists celebrated the Prop 8 decision in a California court by taking to a corner in Midtown to wave flags, shake posters and prod supportive motorists to honk.    READ MORE »

Flag football league bashes Super Bowl [photos]

The National Flag Football League of Atlanta spent its Sunday doing what most any gay jock would do–celebrating Madonna between halves of the Super Bowl.    READ MORE »

Halcyon rocks My Sister’s Room [photos]

East Atlanta's lesbian bar gave a warm welcome to the living-legend lesbian duo Halcyon on Saturday with a crowded house of rowdy fans of more than 20 years of the band’s signature songs.    READ MORE »

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Bucks prep for season with Rugby 101 [photos]

The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club has packed away the drag and pulled out those short shorts that every jock lover, well, loves. It’s time for their new season.    READ MORE »

Leathermen get whipped into shape [photos]

Aspiring leather daddies (and leather ladies), boys, bootblacks and more learned some tricks of the trade on Saturday from those who have turned their leather fun into a vocation.    READ MORE »

Bubba Dee celebrates birthday Bliss [photos]

How do you celebrate your birthday if you’re a drag queen with an age that hovers around a highway speed limit? With young strippers. Much younger strippers.    READ MORE »

Rockstars goes big for MLK main event [photos]

The nightlife of the MLK holiday goes late, bares it all and often includes local celebrities. Rockstars Productions delivered that and more with its main event at Club Europe.    READ MORE »

Outwrite authors serenade ‘Last Tango’ [photos]

The 'Last Tango' readings at the iconic location of Outwrite on Tuesday turned out to be the store's last event–ever. News that the store is gone for good makes the hugs and well wishes more bitter sweet.    READ MORE »

Bedlam basks in glow at ‘BlackOut’ [photos]

Everything gets more fun in the dark. The partiers with Bedlam know this too well, so they revisited their black light party WackedOut BlackOut on Saturday to see things in a different light.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Sisters see ‘Red’ for charity [photos]

Atlanta’s chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the gay male nun dragsters who spread cosmic joy and do good in the gayborhood, painted their efforts red Saturday at the Devil Wears Red benefit.    READ MORE »

Lasses in mustaches rule Ladystache [photos]

DJ Vicki Powell provided the cure for hairless upper lips on Friday as women popped on ‘staches and sideburns for Ladystache 4, the party that asks, “Why should guys have all the fun?”    READ MORE »

HRC Atlanta bowls toward equality [photos]

Members and supporters of the local arm of the Human Rights Campaign laced up their multi-colored shoes and took to Midtown Bowl on Saturday for the annual Bowling for Equality tournament.    READ MORE »

MLK breakfast draws big LGBT crowd [photos]

A capacity crowd of LGBT activists and gay-friendly allies filled the social hall of a Midtown church on Monday for the 11th Annual Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast.    READ MORE »