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Mashup masters attack the Eagle [photos]

Put the internationally revered mashups of DJ Robin Skouteris and Atlanta’s own DJ Pat Scott together with a benefit for Lost N Found Youth, and you’ve got the return of the Mash Attack! party.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks show their pride in 5K run [photos]

A year older and 12 seconds slower, Andrew Sullivan showed that he’s still got his Pride magic: He won the annual Pride Run on Saturday for the second consecutive year.    READ MORE »

Georgia Equality honors its heroes [photos]

Hundreds of guests, gay elected officials, a silent auction, a sit-down dinner and more than a few LGBT heroes came together for a salute to equality at the Annual Evening for Equality gala.    READ MORE »

Urban Body celebrates 10 gay years [photos]

Shirtless models? Check. Gay comedian and DJ? Check. Gay singers? Check. Street performer in drag? Check. Yep, the 10th anniversary celebration for gay-owned Urban Body was a big gay affair.    READ MORE »

Big gay games played for LGBT charity [photos]

Popular TV game shows of the past suffered from a lack of Jell-O shot guys, drag queens–with notable exception Charles Nelson Reilly–and a charity at their core. Not the Big Gay Game Show.    READ MORE »

DJ Micky Friedmann rocks Peach Party [photos]

Micky Friedmann delivered his European-influenced beats to an afternoon T-dance on Saturday, delighting a small but enthusiastic crowd who seemed to easily part with their shirts on the dance floor.    READ MORE »

Peach Party grooves move into Jungle [photos]

After a Friday night and Saturday afternoon to remember, the weekend Peach Party dance circuit series moved its grooves to Jungle Saturday night as DJ Paulo played to the versatility of the crowd.    READ MORE »

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Gay football jocks reach playoffs [photos]

With the regular season in the record books, the gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta focused on drag and buns. Oh, and the playoffs that crown their season champ.    READ MORE »

Bedlam’s wet, wild H2(h)O birthday [photos]

The gay men, lesbians and everybody else who like to party Bedlam style did it in poolside fashion on Saturday at the W Downtown’s WetBar with an extra reason to party: Bedlam’s anniversary.    READ MORE »

Peach Party kicks off with original Sin [photos]

DJ Sin Morera returned to Atlanta with a bang on Friday, bringing his singular beats and international reputation to an appreciative crowd at Heretic for the first of four Peach Party weekend events.    READ MORE »

East Point Possums deliver dragrific [photos]

How does an East Point Possum turn 15? With a dragrific open-air spectacular that draws hundreds to a southwest Atlanta burb for three hours on Saturday to raise funds for charity.    READ MORE »

Bawdy boys bare swimsuits at Mary’s [photos]

The gays boys packed their junk into swimsuits and werqed their best booty-shaking dance moves during the bawdy summer tradition that is the Mary’s swimsuit contest.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts works fashion for charity [photos]

Hose-holding and foamy supporters of Joining Hearts gathered for a more sedate fundraisier on Thursday, this time mingling in an upscale department store for fashions, cocktails and tunes.    READ MORE »

HIV chief praises AID Atlanta’s passion [photos]

The nation’s HIV chief, Kevin Fenton, said Thursday that “leadership, passion and integrity” will bring about the end to AIDS and when it does, AID Atlanta will be among the leaders to make it happen.    READ MORE »

‘Cupcake’ kicks off Cotillion campaign [photos]

First out of the gate with an individual Atlanta Cotillion fundraiser this year, 2012 debutante Jose Guillen kicked off with a Sunday gathering of booze, boys, bites and beats on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Ben Cohen dishes, delights Atlanta gays [photos]

Retired sexy cuddle bear Ben Cohen returned to his part-time Atlanta home on Monday for a movie screening and fundraiser. And yes, he knows the gays think he’s hot.    READ MORE »

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Rain drenches, beer quenches gay jocks [photos]

A day after hosting their annual Bats N Rouge drag softball, Hotlanta Softball League’s Pink Cadets were still ready to party, even if rain meant that Sunday’s weekly HSL games were washed out.    READ MORE »

Football jocks don drag, bare their buns [photos]

Their regular season over but their desire for performance not yet quenched, gay football jocks let their hair down and their pants, too, for a raucous drag show and hot buns contest on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Queens with bats swing big for charity [photos]

Campy drag queens mixed with gay jocks on Saturday–sometimes it was tough to tell them apart–to swing their bats for charity and raise thousands in Piedmont Park.    READ MORE »

Premiere Party a vision in white [photos]

Hundreds of gay supporters wearing white poured into Mason Murer Fine Art on Saturday for the open bar, silent auction and DJ Vicki Powell at CHRIS Kids’ annual Premiere Party fundraiser.    READ MORE »