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Atlanta Eagle crowns top daddy, lady [photos]

Four men and one woman sought the top leather titles at the Atlanta Eagle on Saturday, crowning a celebratory anniversary weekend for the bar during Atlanta Leather Pride.    READ MORE »

PALS hosts bingo with its masks on [photos]

Pair a night of drag bingo from Pets Are Loving Support with masks and costumes and it’s bound to be a good time for all–and all for charity.    READ MORE »

pb&j takes Sojourn with gay artists [photos]

Gay-owned pb&j gallery in Kirkwood opened its latest exhibit on Saturday, a show that includes the work of gay artists Alex Darling and Jack Simonetta.    READ MORE »

Bucks bring a party to First Fridays [photos]

The skills sessions are over, tackling college jocks is done, and with the spring season complete, the Atlanta Bucks turned their attention to some off-season fun and fundraising on Friday.    READ MORE »

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Rainbow Trout splashes into spring [photos]

Gay swim squad the Atlanta Rainbow Trout likes its holidays mixed with splashing around the pool. So there they were on Saturday for their Spring Splash.    READ MORE »

Drag divas get schooled at LeBuzz [photos]

The drag ladies of LeBuzz stay fresh by always reinventing their act. Now, it’s Divas Get Schooled for the Friday showcase at the popular Marietta gay bar.    READ MORE »

Men fun-raise with sexy Easter baskets [photos]

Stuff some model hotties into fashionable briefs, and you’ve got the sort of Easter baskets that gay men love. That’s how a holigay fundraiser was hatched on Sunday.    READ MORE »

MondoPosse Wigs Out for MondoHomo [photos]

From stacked and powdered period pieces to neon dollar-store finds, the wigs came out for Wig Out 3, the party that helps build momentum and cash toward the MondoHomo festival next month.    READ MORE »

Armorettes race through Easter holigay [photos]

With the help of Jell-O shots, plungers and even some Vienna sausages, the Armorettes delighted a crowd of hundreds on Sunday with its annual Easter Drag Races.    READ MORE »

Sexing up Atlanta’s gay superheroes [photos]

Gay Atlanta artist Philip Bonneau and his superhero subjects showed off for fans on Saturday during the unveiling of his latest photo exhibit at the MISTER Center in Midtown.    READ MORE »

That’s a big gay Easter bonnet, MISTER [photos]

What’s the Easter holigay without some big gay bonnets? Exactly. So the MISTER Center hosted a bonnet competition on Saturday to provide the judgment you’d expect from this holiday weekend.    READ MORE »

Edie Cheezburger tops Dragnique 3 [photos]

What started with nine ended with one on Wednesday as the third season of Dragnique capped its run at Jungle with a batch of duets and then head-to-head competition among the four finalists.    READ MORE »

DJ Vicki Powell works the man’s den [photos]

Vicki Powell worked her DJ magic in the man’s den on Saturday, taking over the DJ booth of Cockpit for a guest appearance in the south Atlanta gay bar.    READ MORE »

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Sunday Funday puts drag on the menu [photos]

How about a side of drag with your burger? Sunday Funday took on a meaty drag flavor as Princess Charles corralled some friends for Drag in the Spring.    READ MORE »

DJ Tony Moran lays down Jungle beats [photos]

Nothing packs ‘em in quite like a legend or a fundraiser. Shirtless dancing queens and painted drag queens got both on Saturday at Jungle for gay DJ Tony Moran’s return to Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Fenuxe pimps its bachelors for charity [photos]

Fenuxe auctioned off its 10 Best Gay Bachelors on Saturday with the help of drag queens, delighting a crowd of gay men and helping to raise $17,000 for AID Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Icons make for star-studded Dragnique [photos]

In a highly anticipated celebrity impersonations challenge, the queens of Atlanta’s own drag race, Dragnique 3, brought on the gay icons and an iconic special guest drag judge.    READ MORE »

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Flag football pounds the gridiron [photos]

Atlanta’s gay flag football league continued pounding the gridiron on Saturday in Candler Park, the second week of their spring season.    READ MORE »

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Softball reaches extra innings with beer [photos]

When the last pitch was thrown on Sunday, the Hotlanta Softball League packed up its cleats and headed for the nearest keg. Time for their Opening Day Extra Innings Beer Bust.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Bucks tackle college jocks [photos]

Gay rugby and college jocks can make for some fun. The Atlanta Bucks recently took on Georgia State and while the match didn’t quite go the Bucks way, it helped their Bingham Cup preparations.    READ MORE »