This will make David Stern squirm.

Danilo Gallinari, an Italian basketball star flirting with Thursday’s NBA Draft, apparently packs a wallop off the court, too. The 6-foot 9-inch, 220-pound teen (he’s just 19) may be the first small forward taken.

Small, though, isn’t quite the right adjective to use on Gallinari. This from Deadspin:

Per his own personal website, its appears his nickname is "Big Cock." SimonOnSports trolled Gallinari's website equipped with a handy Google Italian-to-English translator to decipher what in the name of flaming-rooster-heads his legions of fans are talking about. Apparently, they love the cock.

But NBA scouts apparently don’t:

A high level European player does not always equal a contributor in the NBA … His body has ways to go before it will be on the NBA level … Athleticism and explosiveness are just average.

Seems like at least parts of Gallinari are ready for prime time.