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TakeOver takes over Kylie afterparty [photos]

The party boys in charge of the semi-regular TakeOver Atlanta events sniffed an opportunity: entice concertgoers from Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite Live to a victory lap at The Livingston.    READ MORE »

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New releases from diva faves: Kylie, Stevie, JLo

New music from three very different artists hit on Tuesday, with albums by rock goddess Stevie Nicks and “Idol” darling Jennifer Lopez, plus a live EP from Kylie Minogue before a local stop on Friday.    READ MORE »

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Freemasons favorites set tone for Friday show

As party boys prepare for the global sensation Freemasons to descend on Atlanta, here’s our list of their hottest remixes from the past and their own hits to get you in the mood.    READ MORE »

Gaga and Glambert make Grammys gayer

With a six-month tour behind Adam Lambert, and Lady Gaga’s gayest anthem yet released Friday, both artists and their adoring fans can look to Sunday’s Grammys with nominations in their pockets.    READ MORE »

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Gotta have George Michael’s remastered ‘Faith’

George Michael is a punch line to some thanks to arrests and scandals, but people of a certain age remember when he topped the charts with “Faith.” A remastered version dropped Tuesday.    READ MORE »

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We like it when Chris Willis gets ‘Louder’

We chat with dance music star and gay Atlanta resident Chris Willis, who rang in the New Year with a No. 1 single, “Louder (Put Your Hands Up),” on the first Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart of 2011.    READ MORE »

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Last-minute music rocks your holiday weekend

Damn. It’s already Christmas Eve? If you procrastinated, consider some musical gifts. Download gift cards, DVDs and CDs are just the right size, and everyone loves the gift of song.    READ MORE »

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Lesbian cofounder settles lawsuit with Sugarland

Before they were the darling duo of Country music, Sugarland was a trio of Atlanta solo artists. An Atlanta federal judge OK'd a settlement that gives lesbian cofounder Kristen Hall a piece of the action.    READ MORE »

Drew G gives ATL down and ‘Dirty Pop’ Friday

If you’ve been waiting for a DJ who bucks the system, cranks out kick-ass remixes and mashes together every music genre, DJ Drew G and Friday’s “Dirty Pop” tour stop at Heretic are for you.    READ MORE »

Robyn afterparty proves ‘Indestructible’ [photos]

Fans all keyed up after the Robyn concert at the Buckhead Theatre on Nov. 8 kept the party going by moving to Bottle Bar for the afterparty organized by local gay music monster Barry Brandon.    READ MORE »

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Halloween hotlist: dance singles monster mash

It's Halloween people, so you know I have some frightfully good dance music lined up to put a beat on your parties, trick-or-treaters, or just your scary self.    READ MORE »

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Pride Weekend playlist gets you in the mood

Pride is upon us, so get your tunes in order to set the mood for this most festive of weekends. Some of today’s hottest dance tracks make our list alongside remixes of artists performing at Pride.    READ MORE »

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Hot List singles set the mood for Labor Day

It’s hard to believe, but the summer’s almost over. While bitter-sweet, there are a slew of hits to perk up Black Pride, your football tailgate, Dragon*Con, or one of the last pool parties of the season.    READ MORE »

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Come with Jason Walker, ‘Leave It All Behind’

Gay dance music fans are no strangers to Jason Walker, former protégé of Junior Vasquez. After a two-year hiatus, he’s been busy growing and talks all about it as his first indie album releases.    READ MORE »

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Scissor Sisters ‘Any Which Way’ we can [video]

While gay Atlanta readies itself for Saturday’s Scissor Sisters concert, we take a break from all other things LGBT to revel in the band’s latest video, “Any Which Way.” Join us, won't you?    READ MORE »

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Now hear this: Lady Gaga and Katie Melua

The week’s new releases bring a domestic collection of remixes from one of the biggest names in music, plus new tracks to hopefully make another talent a future big name in music.    READ MORE »

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Hot singles for your Joining Hearts Weekend

The weekend is upon us, so whether you’re hanging inside, lounging in the pool, or headed to Joining Hearts 23, here’s a playlist packed with sonic goodness for your weekend.    READ MORE »

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Variety is the spice of the latest music releases

If you’ve been in the mood for some new electro/ blues/ orchestral/ retro/cabaret, you’re in luck. New albums bring variety from big names, emerging stars and and old friend or two.    READ MORE »

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Sizzling new music for hot summer nights

This week’s music releases represent everything from rock, dance, and Latin influences with gay-pleasing new works by Kelis, Enrique Igleasias Bret Michaels—and of course, Kylie Minogue.    READ MORE »

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Sneak peek at Kylie’s mighty ‘Aphrodite’

Kylie Minogue’s 11th album, “Aphrodite,” releases Tuesday, and it’s easily the best of her career, filled with dance pop goodness to help us forget any of life's doldrums or banality    READ MORE »