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Can’t take the gay Atlanta out of Jennifer Nettles

You can take the girl out of Atlanta, but you can't take the gay Atlanta out of Jennifer Nettles. Her homecoming concert shows the Sugarland frontwoman learned a lot as a lesbian favorite in the ATL.    READ MORE »

8 gay reasons we’re gaga for Lady Gaga coming to Atlanta

Hang onto your giant hat that inexplicably covers your eyes, gay Lady Gaga fans. We're reveling in a full court media press that helps ensure 2014 shapes up to be another Year of the Gaga, including artRave: The ARTPOP Ball in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Pride to dance with diva Kristine W.

The entertainment roster for the Oct. 13-14 Atlanta Pride festival just keeps on coming. On Tuesday, Pride added dance chart topper Kristine W. to the list of stage acts.    READ MORE »

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Rita Ora’s big vocal is ‘How We Do’ Pride party

Atlanta Pride announces that up-and-coming British singer Rita Ora takes the festival stage on Saturday, Oct. 13. Haven't heard of her? You will. Here's a rundown and her biggest video.    READ MORE »

Jonny McGovern wants his Atlanta ‘boner party’

Gay pop personality Jonny McGovern hits Atlanta on Wednesday. His Gay Pimp agenda? Delivering dirty gay comedy to the Big Gay Game Show and then throwing a “boner party” with strippers.    READ MORE »

Madonna: Over it? ‘Turn Up the Radio’ [video]

It’s not easy being Madonna. With the paparazzi in her face and fans crowding vintage convertibles, there’s hardly time to think of an original theme for a new song in her hit factory.    READ MORE »

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‘Baby Come Home’ to new Scissor Sisters [video]

In case you didn’t hear that big gay rumble Tuesday, we’re all bopping to the new “Magic Hour” by queeriffic Scissor Sisters. The video release for “Baby Come Home” keeps the party going.    READ MORE »

Scissor Sisters album release hits ‘Magic Hour’

The time has come, Scissor Sisters fans. The gay-tastic band’s “Magic Hour” finally dropped on Tuesday ready to set summer to a beat, starting with a Scissor Sisters Appreciation Party at Mary’s.    READ MORE »

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Debby Holiday’s ‘Key’ combats bullying [video]

Take control, gay teens. Live like you mean it. That’s the “Key to Your Soul,” the single by gay DJ John LePage featuring Debby Holiday that empowers teens to stand up and love against bullies.    READ MORE »

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New Scissor Sisters song kicks off Easter [video]

While you were sleeping, Scissor Sisters returned to the scene with “Only the Horses.” The gay-fronted band debuted the track on BBC Radio and dropped the lyric video at the same time.    READ MORE »

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Kat Graham wants you to tag her [video]

Gay Atlanta's favorite “Vampire Diaries” gal pal Kat Graham has been popping up all over town. Now the video for her “Put Your Graffiti On Me” lets you hang with her any time you want.    READ MORE »

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Eric Himan sings us into his ATL return [video]

We got used to seeing singer-songwriter Eric Himan at gigs from bars to Pride, but it was 2009 when he last graced a stage near you. He makes it up to us Tuesday at My Sister’s Room.    READ MORE »

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Sexual Side Effects rock free downloads [video]

Look out, you rock ‘n rollers. Trans frontwoman Atlanta rockers the Sexual Side Effects put out. Download “High Maintenance” free now and watch the first video.    READ MORE »

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Magnetic Fields album out as Atlanta date nears

Tuesday finally saw the return of ‘90s original alteraqueer band The Magnetic Fields with the release of “Love at the Bottom of the Sea.” Buy it, stream it and watch the first video here.    READ MORE »

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Amy Ray lets us in to breathe ‘Lung of Love’

Decatur native Amy Ray is no stranger to hard work. The Indigo Girl teased us with some solo gigs for “Lung of Love.” Now she dishes on the album and release party.    READ MORE »

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Free Amy Ray downloads include new songs

Indigo Girl Amy Ray rocked three acoustic shows in nearby Dahlonega last month and teased us about the Feb. 28 release of “Lung of Love.” Have another helping of both.    READ MORE »

Adam Lambert to hit Atlanta as Queen frontman?

Glambertini’s rejoice! The U.K.’s Daily Star confirms that rockin’ gay “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert will tour this summer with Queen and says that he is honored to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury.    READ MORE »

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Ellie Goulding shines her ‘Lights’ on Atlanta

Ellie Goulding has made a big splash on the music scene with her debut “Lights.” Now she kicks off the Lights Tour in Atlanta on July 23, and she took time out to psyche us up for the concert.    READ MORE »

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Hot list: Music to beat down July 4th Weekend

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s as hot as crotch outside, so it’s prime time for a holiday Hot List, featuring the latest dance hits from a host of artists. So fire up your download fingers, and have a great Fourth!    READ MORE »

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Preview Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ album

Gaga’s new album drops on Monday, but our correspondent secured an early listen to bring you the scoop on the expanded version. Just don’t ask what he had to do to make that happen.    READ MORE »