Before you start voting rabidly and checking back daily to see the abs-olutely gorgeous studs who entered, whet your appetite with our picks from the sexy gays vying to win Grindr’s contest to find a spokes torso.

And while we allegedly have seen some hot guys we'd so do on Grindr, few have the face and body it’s going to take to actually win the gay hookup app’s online contest. Not so among the more than 80 applicants who’ve entered so far for a chance to be the first Grindr Guy. We checked them out – you know, for research's sake – and found the guys below. Each of them could send a Grindr chat message that would make us drop our phone and every excuse to hook up day or night.

Voting and entries for the Top 10 finalists, which will then go for another online vote, end at 3 a.m. on Sept. 28. But the fun is in the looking. Take that from us the way we’d take it from any one of these entrants. And take an extra look at our first two, gay Atlanta’s own Wanderson Silva and Gerardo from Kings Bay, Ga.

Wanderson - Atlanta

Gerardo – Kings Bay, Ga.

Aaron – Columbia

Christian – Nashville


David – Austin

DeAndre – Charleston

Evan – Rochester

Gregory – Houston

Jake – Austin

James – Philadelphia

John – Montreal


Matthew – Orlando

Mikey – Chicago

Minardo – Miami



Shazad – Toronto