A trick turned deadly early Sunday in a DeKalb County gas station after a man kidnapped and robbed another man he met for sex, but then the victim shot and killed his apparent assailant in self-defense. 

The incident took place about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday in the parking lot of a Shell convenience store on Snapfinger Woods Drive, just off Interstate 20 near Panola Road, according to WSB.

The men were meeting there for sex, but the hook up turned violent. When the man got into the victim's car, he brandished a gun. Via WSB:

Police say the driver met another man nearby to engage in a sex act, but then had a gun pulled on him. The passenger then forced the driver to go to several ATM’s to withdraw cash, according to detectives.

When the men returned to the gas station, the victim was able to pull out his own handgun, according to 11Alive.

At some point during the encounter, police said the [alleged robber] drew a gun and forced the [victim] to withdraw money from a near-by ATM. When they returned to the Shell Food Mart parking lot, police said the [victim] got his own gun from his car and shot and killed the [alleged robber]. 

The man shot his alleged robber once and killed him, according to WSB.

A woman at the gas station gave the victim her phone so he could call police, 11Alive reported.

Police said the shooter then called police and explained to officers what happened. Detectives said the shooter is cooperating with the investigation and no charges have been filed against him at this time.  

The incident remains under investigation. DeKalb police have not released the name of the victim or the alleged robber who was killed, according to Fox 5.

Last summer, Atlanta police arrested a man suspected of targeting gay men through the cruising app Jack'd and then robbing them. In September, a man pleaded guilty in DeKalb to avoid a possible death sentence for helping to lure a gay man from Midtown to torture and murder him.