Billy Bean’s long-term relationship has gone bust.

Bean, the 44-year-old former Major League Baseball player who came out in 1999, has split from his boyfriend of 13 years, Efrain Veiga, 57. This from the Miami Herald:

Efrain Veiga, founder of Yuca restaurant and co-creator of Nuevo Latino cuisine, and partner Billy Bean, a former Major League Baseball player, have split after 13 years. ''Sometimes things don't work out,'' Veiga says. "There's still love."

Says Bean: "It's a very difficult period, and we're both trying to get through it. I care deeply about him.'"

Oh, but it gets better. Their Miami Beach home is for sale – for $1.595 million. And Veiga has found himself in the middle of a police investigation. On May 15, after hooking up with a 26-year-old Brazilian, the two fell asleep next to one another. A few hours later, Veiga couldn’t awaken the nude man, who had died.

Veiga told cops Schostak had been drinking from a bottle of Propel water – and that Schostak claimed ''he had GHB in the bottle.'' Gamma hydroxybutyric acid is used as a recreational intoxicant and considered a ''date rape'' drug. ''A common club drug,'' says Miami Beach police Maj. John Bambis. "It's illegal.''

Hat tip to Outsports.