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Sexy Steve Grand drops ‘All American’ album date

You know that smile and those muscles. You may even remember a live performance or a contribution to the third-largest music Kickstarter in history. Now let Steve Grand give you what your heart desires.    READ MORE »

‘Drag Race’ sets Ru-turn date with Violet Chachki

Atlanta gays have been speculating, Ru-mor mongering,and otherwise tittering about it for months. Well, chill. The wait for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fans is almost over, and the first clips of the season are out.    READ MORE »

Would you do this gay Atlanta guy for $2 million?

A gay porn site sure would. Or more precisely, wants to dish out $2 million to Justin Bieber and his photoshopped Bulges By Calvin Klein to have sex with gay Atlanta porn actor Johnny Rapid.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta fans welcome back Marcus Patrick

Admit it: We had you at “Marcus Patrick.” The extremely gay-friendly hottie who caused a stir in gay Atlanta last year and topped our Guys of the Year returns to Swinging Richards this weekend.    READ MORE »

Ellen’s sexy Southerner wins Hottest of the Year

Last year was very kind to Derek Yates. Now the guy who turned a video romp with his hose into a gig as Ellen Degeneres Show’s “gardener” has been voted the best underwear model of the year.    READ MORE »

Sam Smith’s gay love story unfolds in Atlanta

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of out singer Sam Smith takes place right here in gay Atlanta. Our smooth-crooning hero hits town for a victory tour and continues a love affair with fans and a new boyfriend.    READ MORE »

12 ways this year’s Golden Globes are extra gay

Let’s face it: Any awards show is going to attract a gay following. That said, this year’s Golden Globe Awards should have its own pride parade. Here are some of the big LGBT nominees in both film and TV.    READ MORE »

The 14 hottest hunks of your gay 2014

For all the news and entertainment that turns heads each year, posts about hot guys remain among our most popular. Go figure. From international studs to gay Atlanta’s own, these are your favorites.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta’s 14 most popular posts of 2014

From silly to serious, crime to punishments, dish to deaths, the top stories that rocked the LGBT-ATL most in 2014 form a crazy quilt of gay scandals, politics, religion and sex.    READ MORE »

‘Real Housewives’ just can’t quit gay Atlanta

Gay Atlanta again served cameo as the newest cast member of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a deep dive into queens who do hair, queens who do drag and queens who eat.    READ MORE »

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‘RuPaul’ queen Sonique brings Kylie Love home

“Home for the holidays” takes on new meaning when former Atlantan and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum Sonique does it in Albany, Ga. The journey to get there was tough, and her hometown paper is dishing the dirt.    READ MORE »

NeNe Leakes shows off her new, fashionable gay

NeNe Leakes has a new gay, new hair and new fashions as she puts a little distance between herself and last season's queen-baiting to go all gay positive, all the time on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."    READ MORE »

This gay Atlanta stylist is no hair burglar

Celebrity weave maker and gay bestie Derek J has stared down a competitor with a gun and the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." So do not accuse him of being the Hair Burglar of the South.    READ MORE »

Hey, HBO. You should cast these Houston queens

One of gay Houston’s shiniest jewels is our plethora of talented drag queens. From camp crazies to glorious glamazons, we might just have right under our noses exactly what HBO’s new series needs.    READ MORE »

This gay Texan won our hearts on ‘Top Model’

Gay dancer and small town Texas guy Will Jardell didn't win "America's Next Model" on Friday, but he won our hearts.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta jock who just won ‘Top Model’

Sexy Atlanta jock Keith Carlos and his manaconda peaked at the right moment, as he topped a gay Texas guy and Atlanta frat bro to become the first-ever male winner of "America's Next Top Model."    READ MORE »

‘Real Housewives’ trash gay Atlanta restaurant

The divas of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" love their drama. They love their dinner brawls. And they love gay Atlanta. But mix all of that and this gay fave restaurant in Midtown comes out the loser.    READ MORE »

Hey, HBO. You should cast these Atlanta queens

One of gay Atlanta’s most shiny jewels is our plethora of drag queens. From camp crazies to glorious glamazons, we might just have exactly what HBO’s new series needs right under our noses.    READ MORE »

B52s Kate Pierson comes out for ‘Mister Sisters’

You know from the get-go that there’s something beautiful and queer about a new song by a founding member of the iconic Georgia party band The B52s. Watch the new video by Atlanta’s own Kate Pierson.    READ MORE »

Sam Champion is too fabulous for winter hats

When gay Atlanta weather daddy Sam Champion stares down winter weather, he'll pull on double mittens, double socks and a scarf. But definitely not a hat, so stop pestering him about it on Twitter.    READ MORE »