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37 ways to serve major sexy at summer swimsuit parties

Undressing for one of Atlanta’s umpteen gay swimsuit parties sounds simple, but it’s deceptively tricky to get just right. Here are tips and plenty of pics to prep your package this weekend and beyond.    READ MORE »

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Grindr will get you laid – and maybe an STD

In the sex-on-demand digital age, it’s easier than ever for gay men to find each other for sex. That good thing can quickly turn bad as new numbers reveal more STDs among men that use hookup apps.    READ MORE »

Rodiney Santiago strips for gay Atlanta’s support

When Rodiney Santiago takes off his shirt, we pay attention. But when the Brazilian underwear model/reality star doffs his shirt for a movie, we grab our keyboards to make sure that you’re up to date.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta gets what it means ‘To Be Takei’

He became a household name as part of “Star Trek,” but George Takei has become even more popular as a gay activist and an internet darling. A documentary on his life screens Wednesday in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Rubem Robierb shows gay Atlanta his art

Much of the buzz (and swooning) over the arrival of Sam Champion and Rubem Robierb in Atlanta focused on their Speedos. Turns out, Robierb is an accomplished artist and showed off on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Dancers in briefs challenge games gay men play

And now for something completely different. A former go-go boy and current Atlanta choreographer strips bare and reveals his gay male truth in a hypermasculine work of kisses, emotional honesty and man-on-man intensity.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta does New York for upcoming film

A porn star, a party promoter and a drag queen need your help. It may sound like a joke, but the Atlanta trio is real and taking on new roles when curtains part on the film “Proxy.”    READ MORE »

Del Shores escorts ‘Sissies’ back to Atlanta

Atlanta is like a second home to Del Shores’ gay films and plays. Shores descends upon Plaza Theatre Wednesday for a near sold-out benefit screening of his award-winning “Southern Baptist Sissies.”    READ MORE »

Atlanta ready to ‘Say Yes’ to ‘full Monte’ on TLC

In the reality TV business, a seventh season means people are watching. Friday’s return of local brides and their handlers on TLC’s gay-inclusive “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta” is welcome news to fans.    READ MORE »

Fest stages ‘stories of our lives’ in 60 seconds

How do more than 50 playwrights and 10 directors stage 80 actors in nearly 90 plays during one show? Atlanta finds out this weekend, and we asked our gays to let us in on One Minute Play Festival secrets.    READ MORE »

Gay top guns fall in love in ‘Burning Blue’

Playwright and director DMW Greer always envisioned his gays-in-the-military play “Burning Blue” as a film, yet he had no idea it would take two decades. On Friday, “Burning Blue” hits Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Dan Savage wants to ‘Hump’ you all weekend long

How do you plan on getting off this weekend? Author Dan Savage has the perfect answer for LGBT Atlanta – a festival of amateur porn that's sure to get you off in a sexy, funny, creative and dirty way.    READ MORE »

Summon your ‘Queer Moxie’ for ATL variety show

You already know about a special, almost indescribable quality that comes with being gay. Now the local film "Queer Moxie" shines a spotlight on LGBT Atlanta performers to investigate that phenomenon.    READ MORE »

Hey, girl, hey! ‘Do I Sound Gay?’ Yes, honey.

One gay man's inner voice says the time has come to explore your gay outer voice. The “gay accent” is on the table, and LGBT celebrities are raising their own “gay voices” to raise the issue.    READ MORE »

Buckhead arts do Sunday in the park with gays

Betty and Freddie Buckhead rolled out the red carpet over the weekend when Atlanta’s gay and gay-friendly festival crowd rolled into their ‘hood for the Buckhead Arts & Crafts Festival.    READ MORE »

Cher is Dressed to Kill for gay Atlanta ‘farewell’

Move over, Lady Gaga daddies. It's time for the gays to parade back into Philips Arena for Cher's "farewell, farewell tour." Here's what you can expect from the diva's stop in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

These two daddies dominated #artRAVEatlanta

When gay Atlanta poured into Philips Arena to worship at the alter of Lady Gaga and her ArtRAVE tour, these two daddies dominated the Little Monsters archiving the night on social media.    READ MORE »

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Faeries naked outdoors mean summer is coming

​Summer is coming. Swimsuit selfies and sexy guys poolside tell us so. But another sure sign? Five sexy, hairy Atlanta Radical Faeries showing their glory in the woods. Nekkid.    READ MORE »

Movie sequel teases hot gay Atlanta connections

You’ve waited patiently. You may have even put out to make it happen. Now “More Scenes from a Gay Marriage” finally lifts the towel on a sneak peek at what it's packing.    READ MORE »

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These gays’ opinions about HIV might shock you

Ask any four gay men a question, and you’re not likely to get the same answer twice. Make that question about HIV, and you have a diversity of opinion worthy of an in-depth video.    READ MORE »