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Tuesday: 20 gay things to do today

Hurricane Ida’s making herself known, but Tuesday’s not all wet. Comic Eddie Sarfaty, the Hidden Cameras (photo), a new gay singles group, and Big Gay Supper Club make sure it’s not a total wash-out.    READ MORE »

Eddie Sarfaty here to make ATL laugh twice

We like astute. We love acerbic. We adore sexy. So it’s little wonder that the Tuesday stand-up act and Wednesday book signing by comic Eddie Sarfaty have us on the edge of our seats.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do today

Wish it was Sunday; that’s my fun day. Wait, it is! Plenty for you and your friends, from brunch and matinees to the wrap-ups of the Queer Lit Fest and Charis’ birthday, plus festivities into the night.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 18 gay things to do today

It’s a very literary week. We’ve already seen Augusten Burroughs, and the Atlanta Queer Lit Fest and Charis’ 35th birthday continue the literati sightings. Of course, there’s plenty for glitterati, too.    READ MORE »

Charis: 35 years of community and books

There’s a sense of history when you walk into Charis Books & More. And with good reason. The lesbian-feminist bookstore that could celebrates 35 years with events Wednesday - Saturday.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 15 gay things to do today

Pride’s a memory, and elections are down to runoffs. Settle back into daily events like Queer Lit Fest, Augusten Burroughs, icons united—and of course, “Glee”—that make Wednesday even gayer.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Queer Lit Fest starts Wednesday

LGBT writers are an Atlanta luxury that some might take for granted. Many cities don’t have our wealth of local talent, so the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival lets you stop and smell the proses.    READ MORE »

Outwrite event offers a Bo Dixon for all seasons

Thursday brings a chance that many bear lovers have been waiting for--a chance to get up-close and personal with beefy former Colt model Bo Dixon and have him sign his sexy new calendar.    READ MORE »

How can you resist an art show with ‘Only Dick’?

People celebrate Pride in so many ways. At a time when we're extolling the virtues of lesbian and gay unity, the W Midtown opens an exhibit Thursday that's decidedly one-sided.    READ MORE »

Adam Lambert’s new album cover: Xanadon’t?

The early reviews are decidedly mixed for the cover of Adam Lambert’s debut CD. Some ask if we’re reliving ‘80s mistakes, but others assert that it’s all that bad that makes it oh-so-good.    READ MORE »

What to wear: butch, sexy, funny costume ideas

With the full pressure of Pride-O-Ween, it’s not enough to just do drag or slap on military duds this year. We want your ideas to make it perfectly gay, and offer a few kick-start suggestions.    READ MORE »

Perfect match: Mary Edith & ‘Die Mommie Die’

Even year-round performers get more creative around Pride, and perhaps no event this week combines Halloween’s camp horror with gay culture more than Mary Edith Pitts in “Die, Mommie, Die.”    READ MORE »

Oh that Sister Louisa’s wacky Sunday Services

Dang that kooky artist, bartender and local gadabout Grant Henry, aka Sister Louisa (top photo). He never ceases to surprise us, and his irreverent new monthly art gathering is no exception.    READ MORE »

Lounge Thursdays embraces its ‘Alter Ego’

If you haven’t been to Lounge Thursdays yet, this is the week to acquaint yourself, as the posh weekly party at the W Midtown showcases Paul Wolski’s popular Alter Ego Pop Art.    READ MORE »

‘Ides of Pride’ exposes new Sexual Side Effects

Beer, munchies, apple-bobbing and rock and roll. Despite cooler-than-expected weather, those were the keystones that made the Ides of Pride concert and benefit so fun on Saturday.    READ MORE »

‘Don’t Label’ the bands at Ides of Pride

"Don't Label It!" continues to bring diverse people together, this time for Saturday afternoon’s Ides of Pride outdoor concert to rock a pre-festival celebration that benefits girls who wanna rock.    READ MORE »

Local author to fight gay suicides at book event

Artist and writer James Randall Chumbley (photo) wants to turn his recent suicide attempt into something positive. His Wednesday book signing at Outwrite will benefit gay suicide prevention.    READ MORE »

How to play a ‘Real Gay Housewife’ on TV

Hoping to repeat the success of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and capitalize on a proven formula, Logo now plans "Kept," a version of “Real Housewives.” But the casting call is kind of embarrassing.    READ MORE »

Think in the abstract with artist Patrick Hanson

With two upcoming shows, local artist Patrick Hanson (photo) is a busy man. His latest exhibits–one Saturday and one next Friday, Oct. 16–show off his talent for oil and mixed media.    READ MORE »

‘Harvey Milk Show’ musical keeps dream alive

You think you know the story. The movement, the man, the murder and the movie. But the musical? It was only a matter of time before a return to the stage since its 1991 Atlanta debut.    READ MORE »