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12 ways this year’s Golden Globes are extra gay

Let’s face it: Any awards show is going to attract a gay following. That said, this year’s Golden Globe Awards should have its own pride parade. Here are some of the big LGBT nominees in both film and TV.    READ MORE »

Emory sees gay ATL history through artist’s lens

When attending Pride and being out were more acts of bravery than matters of fact, Alli Royce Soble was capturing it on camera. Now Emory snags her photos of 1990s gay Atlanta for its permanent collection.    READ MORE »

Watch RuPaul rock Ponce as queen of ‘80s ATL

Everybody knows ‘90s RuPaul and the “Drag Race” one who we can’t wait to see return. You may even know that bit of ‘80s RuPaul who worked a B52s video. Now footage reveals where it all began.    READ MORE »

Out on Film gets ‘Filth’-y with Legendary Children

Legendary Children are at it again. After blowing up the art scene with their 2013 debut and putting gay Atlanta “In Heat” this summer, the collective teams up with Out on Film for a night of shorts.    READ MORE »

Sexy Atlanta actor lets you inside for ‘More Scenes’

Whether he’s captivating us on Instagram or competing to be the hunkiest gay hunk in Atlanta, sexy local guy Jared Allman knows how to get our attention. Now get ready to see him on the big screen and in the flesh at Out on Film.    READ MORE »

‘Blackbird’ opening night sets Out on Film record

The highly anticipated local premiere of Patrik Ian Polk’s latest movie dovetailed with opening night of Atlanta’s LGBT film festival, making “Blackbird” the most successful Out on Film entry of all time.    READ MORE »

Iconic director can’t wait to open Out on Film

With “Noah’s Arc,” Patrik-Ian Polk changed the face of gay people on TV, and as a director, he also diversified gay cinema. Now he and his leading man talk "Blackbird" on the eve of Out on Film.    READ MORE »

Out on Film brings comic Alec Mapa to Atlanta

Things are heating up for Atlanta’s LGBT film festival. Out on Film announces that its Centerpiece will be the stand-up concert film “Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy” with the gay actor-comedian in tow.    READ MORE »

Make this Atlanta singer your next gay pop icon

Can you feel the “Gravity”? You’re about to get pulled in. If you haven’t been caught in gay singer Norwood’s orbit yet, let yourself be drawn into helping make the video happen for his new single.    READ MORE »

ATL bandit artist pops up at NYC Guggenheim

Just weeks after taking LGBT rights to an East Atlanta street fight, gay artist John Morse employs the rainbow as both medium and message again, this time in a guerrilla art pop-up in New York City.    READ MORE »

Gay artist wants you to stay in his cozy condo

When New York magazine tours Atlanta, it’s with style. And when tourists turn to the magazine for all things ATL, it’s with gays, including activities, a popular bar and a loft to live like locals.    READ MORE »

Mo’Nique, ‘Noah’s Arc’ creator open Out On Film

Writer, producer and filmmaker Patrik-Ian Polk has been busy since his landmark black gay series “Noah’s Arc” bowed on Logo and in theaters. His latest work kicks off Out on Film with major star-power.    READ MORE »

Dolly Parton’s greatest hits get gay dance remixes

You don’t have to go far to imagine Dolly Parton’s hits as gay anthems, but while we wait for her promised dance album to come to fruition, we’re happy for a reason to wallow anew in Dolly magic.    READ MORE »

This queen’s ‘new hanky code’ calls your ass out

Justin Sayre may be the year's smartest gay culture commentator. With his own niche of shows and followers, he’s definitely the funniest. Let this video prove it. You’ll be glad you did.    READ MORE »

Gay ‘Heroes’ artist gives Atlanta a parting glance

Whether he’s revealing “Secrets,” exposing “Truths” and “Lies” or unmasking “Heroes, ” gay Atlanta photographer Philip Bonneau does it with backing from a rabidly loyal local fan base. Now it's so long.    READ MORE »

Help reveal the gay judge who fired DADT icon

Col. Grethe Cammermeyer’s dismissal from the military for being a lesbian is one of the most infamous injustices of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" era. So why does she call the gay officer who oversaw it a hero?    READ MORE »

These ATL hotties help sex up gay zombie movie

If someone wanted to get gay Atlanta’s attention, they might put two of its hottest actors in a film directed by one of its own who’s shooting at the Eagle. Consider it done.    READ MORE »

Sparkle Hooves makes ATL’s summer even gayer

You’ve never looked at gay Atlanta quite like this. If you’re having trouble beating the heat and keeping your summer super gay, follow the glitter trail left by a gay cartoon named Sparkle Hooves.    READ MORE »

Art-drag collision finds Atlanta queens ‘In Heat’

That sweltering feeling isn’t just the July temps beating down on you. It’s also a simmering that only comes when the gay Atlanta artist collective known as Legendary Children turns up the heat.    READ MORE »

Elton John speaks for Jesus on gay marriage

It’s not that he’s old enough to have known the Christian messiah. It's because he’s expert in inserting himself into current events that Elton John feels sure that Jesus would be down with marriage equality.    READ MORE »