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You can help Atlanta go down on queer sex

We love sex-positive goings on that shake the shoes of the establishment, so color us pink over an upstart event that brings “Sex Down South.” Good, because that’s exactly where we like it.    READ MORE »

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Former EJ’s scrubbed down, glamed out, opened up

The site of many a gay guilty pleasure is now ready for upscale enjoyment you can have right out in the open, but even optimists didn’t know how awesome the former EJ’s could be.    READ MORE »

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These ‘dramatic’ Atlanta gays give you condo envy

Chances are that Philip Rafshoon and Robert Gaul’s perfectly appointed “comfortable eclectic contemporary” Midtown loft outshines your personal expression of style at home, no matter how fabulous.    READ MORE »

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Watch Atlanta queers show off ‘Moxie’ on film

You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve seen the excerpts. The final stretch to Atlanta unveiling the nitty-gritty of its ‘Queer Moxie’ in a film of the same name is nigh, and you can help push it past the finish line.    READ MORE »

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Your gay beard is full of poop. Please shave.

Summer is here and what better time than now – like right this very minute – to shave that beard and let your face cool off. Also, that mass of facial hair is full of dirt, bacteria and bits of shit.    READ MORE »

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More to love: Mama June and Pumpkin come out

Make room, Uncle Poodle. Two more of your “Honey Boo Boo” clan are dipping their toes into the LGBT pool, and they’re serving it in metro Atlanta. Welcome to the party, Mama June and Pumpkin.    READ MORE »

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LGBT Atlantan lands role on ‘Bold & Beautiful’

Turns out Time magazine was right. Now the year of the ‘Transgender Tipping Point’ hits close to home for LGBT Atlanta as local trans performer Scott Turner Schofield debuts on “The Bold & The Beautiful.”    READ MORE »

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‘Big Funny Peter’ to tickle Atlanta Bear Pride

There isn’t a particular path a comedian takes to find an audience. Gay comic Peter Bisuito, aka “My Big Funny Peter,” brings his growing popularity to Atlanta Bear Pride this weekend.    READ MORE »

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Wussy magazine has what ‘Southern queers’ need

Heads up, all you LGBT Atlanta alternaqueers yearning for something unique. Wussy magazine swoops onto the local landscape like a hero to save you from gay sameness with an edgy take on drag, art and a whole new sexy.    READ MORE »

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You can help this Grindr movie come to life

If you’re one of those film buffs who rolls his eyes at documentaries, this project might change your mind. How’d you like to see a gay movie about a real-life Grindr hookup? Thought so.    READ MORE »

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Help this gay artist find healing in old wounds

When part of your life story is that surgeons regularly leave their marks on you since childhood, your perspective is special. A mission to capture it on film is personal for gay Atlanta photographer Barry Brandon.    READ MORE »

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Help publish this gay Atlanta author’s new book

Some say the best dating advice comes from experience. If that’s true, you’ll want to get into “The Underwear Drawer” of gay Atlanta’s own Langston John Blaze. But before you can get, he needs you to give.    READ MORE »

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Changing gender-queer lives, one t-shirt at a time

Elliott Alexzander isn’t expecting GenderFlux to solely make a fashion statement. The social entrepreneur wants the binary-busting brand to spark conversations about gender non-conforming queers.    READ MORE »

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James Franco plays gay to open Atlanta Film Fest

Heads up, gay Atlanta. Indie darling James Franco is coming to town, and he’s bringing his Zachary Quinto three-way with him. The splash being made by “I Am Michael” opens Atlanta Film Festival.    READ MORE »

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Gay artists to show Atlanta a ‘damn good time’

What do you get when you mix the work of two gay Atlanta stage artists and spice it generously with drag, burlesque, dance, theater and the lives of Southern queers? Heads up: You’ve been “Identified.”    READ MORE »

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The method behind this gay poet’s selfie madness

You could plow through Ben Kline’s poetry in an hour, but you’d miss the subtleties. And maybe if you’re one of this haiku-writing hottie’s Atlanta gays, you might just miss a story about yourself.    READ MORE »

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7 Stages tackles anti-gay bullying with ‘fml’ play

Bullying has long been a brutal, pervasive reality in schools that continues to this day. With the production of “fml: how Carson McCullers saved my life,” 7 Stages creates a space to talk about it.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta photographer snaps ‘Drag Dolls, Dames & Divas’

James Hicks spent 30 years shooting celebrities and fashion spreads for major publications all over the world, but “RuPaul’s Drag Race” inspired him to reach for a dream: this book of his work.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta illustrator draws his ‘Queer Family’

Comic books create iconic characters and worlds beloved for recognizable humanity and escapism. That has meant storylines and characters were guaranteed straight. Until now.    READ MORE »

Sam Smith’s gay love story unfolds in Atlanta

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of out singer Sam Smith takes place right here in gay Atlanta. Our smooth-crooning hero hits town for a victory tour and continues a love affair with fans and a new boyfriend.    READ MORE »