More LGBTQ Atlanta groups assert #BlackLivesMatter solidarity

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As calls for racial justice continue to grow and outcries from an array of LGBTQ efforts increase across the country, three more Atlanta non-profits put their support for Black Lives Matter in writing.

The business group Metro Atlanta Alliance of Professionals, the HIV resource Positive Impact Health Centers (photo), and the choral conglomeration Voices of Note each issued statements this week to keep racial justice integral to their missions. OUT Georgia Business Alliance and Georgia Equality were already out front with pledges of support. In Georgia Equality’s case, twice.

Voices of Note, which is the umbrella group for Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and Atlanta Women’s Chorus, issued its statement of support on Monday.

We are filled with grief, sadness and utter outrage over the murder of George Floyd. The actions of the four Minneapolis policemen represent the tip of the iceberg of our country’s ongoing, insidious racism and targeted violence against Black Americans. We are united as one voice to declare that Black Lives Matter.

Mr. Floyd was denied the air we take for granted, the air necessary to live. For Voices of Note, to breathe is to sing. We are committed to raising our voices to create community, to singing for genuine equality, and to speaking out against the gross inequities and fear that people of color live with daily. It is time for White Americans to stand up and raise their voices and to acknowledge that these injustices exist. …

Voices of Note stands in solidarity with people of color and we pledge to use our voice to call for justice.

MAAP issued its commitment to Black Lives Matter on June 3.

It’s time to end the cycles of violence against black lives and livelihoods. We all share a responsibility to be aware, educated, and engaged in bringing accountability to our own actions and the actions of those around us. It is each of our responsibility to be outspoken against racism and to recognize that racism is not binary–it is a spectrum of aggressions, biases, and blindspots built into the fabric of our society. Dismantling that within ourselves and within our culture can be daunting, but progress is made when we encounter uncomfortable truths and commit daily to being better.

Within MAAP, we urge our members, sponsors, partners, and communities to remember that black rights and LGBTQ+ rights are intertwined. From the riot at Stonewall, black queer, trans, and allied men and women have stood with our community with outspoken support and fought with us for equality.

To every black member of the MAAP community, we stand with you and black citizens in our city and across our nation. We see you. We hear you. We value you. We’re committed to this fight with you. Black Lives Matter.

In a statement issued Tuesday,Positive Impact Health Centerswent beyond the spirit of support and into touting its staff members peacefully protesting. It pledges an organization-wide commitment to action.

We continued to be inspired by members of our own team who are speaking out bravely, advocating for change, and protesting peacefully.

On June 4, our senior leadership met to discuss our dedication to find novel and innovative ways to help and heal our staff, clients, and community. We are reevaluating our own policies, programs, staff trainings, and support programs to ensure we reinforce social justice, equality, and positive change for our staff and those we serve.

Our goal is to increase our partnerships in Atlanta to encourage and demand justice for our clients and all marginalized persons living in our community. On June 11, we will meet as an entire organization to discuss our next tangible efforts to achieve this change.

We are committed to harnessing the energy of our leadership and staff to represent the interests of all people living within the local communities we serve.

We know words alone will not create the changes that are needed, but we are writing to assure you, our supporters, our staff, our patients/clients and friends, that we are fully committed to work of social justice and equality all.


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