‘Mo Media: What the gay pubs offer this week

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The gay glossies go with a beachy, summer flavor while the papers tackle the Atlanta Police Department’s latest LGBT liaison. But that’s not all, so we take a look to help you cut through the clutter.

It’s a crowded landscape these days for Atlanta’s LGBT print pubs, so we offer our look in a new feature, ‘Mo Media. But we provide this disclaimer: We don’t hold ourselves up as being the arbiter of all that is good and bad, so add your own critiques in the comments section below.

Between each batch of new pubs, stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in local gay media with our coverage.

imagePUB: David, May 26, 100 pages
MONEY SHOT: DJ Vicki Powell graces the cover to tease all that she’s got going on this summer in Atlanta.
CONTENT: A feature on Powell, a look at “True Love Lies” at Horizon, Michael Jeffrey on a night that went way wrong, the Brent Star report, a travel piece on Charleston, a Q&A with Kimberley Locke, Bitch Session. [email protected] from Blake’s, Frogs, Chaparral, Burkhart’s, Felix’s, Amsterdam, and the mag’s pool party at Armour Heights.
DIVERSITY QUOTIENT: Big points for Powell on the cover – a female on the cover of one of the gay glossies is unique. And if anyone is deserving, it’s her.
LOVED IT: The full-page ad for Tripps pitches their holiday cookout with background art of three hot dogs on the grill. With the way they are positioned, the middle one really jumps out and made us take a second look. Was that a … oh, no. It’s a hot dog. That’s one way to grab the reader’s attention.
HATED IT: The piece on Powell, even with white type on a dark background, is tough to read. The short piece on new restaurant HobNob comes without a byline and a canned feel, making us wonder if it’s PR fluff re-purposed for the mag. We enjoyed the Q&A with former “American Idol” contestant Locke, but with no photo over a two-page spread, it gets a little dense.
Q FACTOR: The mag continues to stumble with typos and uneven production quality. But they are adding some heft, both in terms of pages and content.

imagePUB: sbi, May 26, 32 pages
MONEY SHOT: A hunky guy in a tank top to wish you Happy Memorial Day.
CONTENT: The cover piece is about second chances and a Pensacola trip gone bad for one reveler, a feature on TV shows ending their seasons this summer, “5 Things 2 Do This Week,” Social Rants. Photo Booth from Armorettes, a dog park and the W.
DIVERSITY QUOTIENT: Not much this week. It’s mostly white guys, though the pics from the dog park include two black women.
LOVED IT: Social Rants feeds our inner bitch, but the offering is a little thin this week.
HATED IT: We enjoy pics of our pups as much as the next gay, but we don’t get pics of dogs with their hot owners — just the pups. And the page of pics doesn’t say which dog park they’re from, though we assume it’s Piedmont Park. Two pages of Horoscopes? How about trimming back the font size and giving us some more bar pics. The TV show wrap also seemed a little out of place for a nightlife mag.
Q FACTOR: An A for effort, but some of the content seems out of place for a mag with a limited page count.

imagePUB: GA Voice, May 28, 28 pages
MONEY SHOT: The paper tweaks the Atlanta Police Department for its bungled announcement of a new LGBT liaison with a Keystone Kop look-alike holding a box of rainbow-colored doughnuts. It made us chuckle and interested us enough to read the story.
CONTENT: An interesting piece on APD’s new liaison that breaks some new ground, a look at the state Senate race in District 39, where Georgia’s Congressional delegation stands on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a preview of Club Q at Legends last weekend, LGBT theater offerings, Bingham Cup-bound Bucks rugby, Glenda Corwin’s new book, previewing the Premiere Party, a look at the debs of Atlanta Cotillion.
DIVERSITY QUOTIENT: Plenty of it this issue, including a lesbian author and DJ, gay jocks, info for theater queens and queens who do drag for charity.
LOVED IT: The cover attracts us to a story that was already heavily covered before the paper hit the streets, but grabs us enough to open up the paper to read the story inside. We love a good factoid, and By the Numbers on page 3 provides a few. We also learned a new phrase for some – “lesbian bed death.”
HATED IT: We had to flip from the story about the Atlanta Cotillion debs to an ad with their photos a few pages back to figure out who’s who.
Q FACTOR: Another solid pub from the upstarts.

imagePUB: Southern Voice, May 28, 40 pages
MONEY SHOT: A crime scene-esque cover about the Atlanta Police Department’s new LGBT liaison.
CONTENT: A recent hate crimes conference, APD’s latest LGBT liaison, a piece on Charleston Pride festivities, changes in leadership at St. Mark United Methodist Church, a preview of MondoHomo, a preview of “Drop Dead Diva’s” upcoming season, more than a full page on “Sex and the City 2,” three pages of reprinted posts from the State of the Gay blog.
DIVERSITY QUOTIENT: The paper hits on some diverse topics and offers up some diversity of faces and races, too.
LOVED IT: We tweaked SoVo last time for its typos and sporadic publication. In a note from SoVo’s two associate publishers in this issue, they address those challenges and even poke fun at themselves for a typo in the May 18 edition. You need a sense of humor in this industry, and those guys get it.
HATED IT: The cover announces “ATL Police Dept Crosses the Tape,” but we’re not really sure what that means. Unfortunately, you have to flip past a piece on Charleston Pride and other stuff to get to what’s supposed to be the cover story, which is pretty brief and shorter than other items in the paper. It’s on a page with a story about a teen in East Texas. Huh? The paper’s content shifts from local to national and back while also throwing an opinion piece into the middle of news coverage, preventing a smooth flow for the reader. Two articles – one on Modern Atlanta Week and the other about St. Mark – don’t connect the dots to the paper’s LGBT readership.
Q FACTOR: The paper boosted its page count to 40 but struggles to fill it with interesting and relevant content. SoVo also can’t keep a consistent publication schedule. This paper was dated May 28, but couldn’t be found at distribution spots until well after that. Its previous issue came out 10 days before that, with the one prior dated 11 days before that. SoVo promises to be a weekly paper delivered on Fridays, yet it keeps missing the mark. Also, in recent full-page ads, SoVo (and David) promised a new publication, Eclipse, this week. Yet it wasn’t included in the SoVo we picked up as promised, and the paper offered no explanation.


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