Midtown declares hideous war on ‘thugs in drag’

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Midtown neighbors have waged war on the male hustlers who prowl their streets and don’t mind tossing around offensive terms, engaging in hyperbole and suckering media outlets into supporting their battle. It’s no secret. Male hustlers work the streets of Midtown. Some present as men, others cross dress and there are transgender sex workers, too. Neighbors complain to police and the cops make arrests, even when a potential trick just chats up a hooker. But the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance, not content with their own private security force and the ears of Atlanta police commanders, has amped up the rhetoric, exaggerated claims and, when called for using the pejorative term “transvestite,” offers a muddled explanation and proudly keeps tossing it around like a bunch of ignorant goons. Let’s not even get into the racial overtones of their new favorite term “thug.” You’d expect this from a neighborhood bully like Peggy Denby. But not from a gay man you would hope could offer the sensitivity gleaned from a lifetime of being hated on because of your sexual orientation. But then again, Steve Gower’s long-running crusade against Midtown sex workers is legendary. The MPSA created a bit of a media dustup earlier this summer when they claimed a “surge in transgender prostitution” was being fed by “aggressive transgender prostitute gangs.” Yes, gangs. That prompted WSB and 11Alive to issue “transvestite prostitute warnings.” Never mind that Atlanta police said there was no evidence of prostitute “gangs” or increased violence in Midtown. Not to be slowed by a lack of facts, MPSA continued to amp up its war. They tried to explain away their use of offensive terminology in late July and a week later offered "A Primer on Transvestite Prostitution in Midtown". In other words, they thumbed their nose at reason. It worked. On Monday, Midtown Patch republished the MPSA’s treatise, though they replaced “transvestite” with “cross-dressing,” which is both more accurate and not offensive. But still they published it. Among the highlights of MPSA’s ridiculously offensive declaration of war:

“They are much more than a blight in the community, and we are seeking to implement drastic strategies to eradicate this scourge.”
Let’s dehumanize our enemies.
“Because of their cohesiveness, we would almost go as far as calling this band of street criminals a gang.”
“Almost” nothing. You went there.
“They do not have a name other than the designation that we have given them, but we find the other criteria present among this faction of street criminals. These street thugs are most distinguished by their cross-dressing attire. It is open to debate as to how many are genuinely transgender, but based on our research of identified participants in this particular pattern of street crime we very seriously doubt that this would be the case with most, if not all.”
Research like this?
“We do not know to what extent this little underworld operates under pimps or some kind of kingpin. To our knowledge, nobody has ever been able to safely take a closer look at the inner workings of this clique of street criminals. But some are more dominant and aggressive than others, as reflected by occasional quarrels and fights among themselves on the street. Overall, a moderate amount of cohesion exists among this vicious, hostile, and dangerous lot.”
The inner workings go something like this: I’ll blow you for $20 and give up the booty for $60. Know an empty lot where we can park, baby?
“Some of the johns cruising around have serious underlying psychological disorders, and act out when cruising for prostitutes.”
Do you perform your Rorschach Test on the johns before or after their happy ending?
“One young woman was frightened so badly by being stalked that she moved from the area after living here only a month. They often gather in large numbers, and will readily swarm a potential victim when an opportunity appears.”
Swarmed! Moved after a month! Too bad she didn’t read the MPSA primer before she called Midtown home.
“Residents do not particularly enjoy watching strangers having sex in cars, or drug deals going down in front of their homes.”
Speak for yourself.
“Your neighbors at the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance understand the serious threats presented to the quality of life by these thugs in drag. We remain as determined as ever to eradicate crime and public disorder from the Midtown experience, especially when driven by an unrelenting, criminal-minded mob loitering and prowling around with a high degree of blatancy and insolence as exhibited the transvestite prostitutes…”
There’s those words again. “Thugs.” “Transvestite.” But it’s ok. They are citizen experts, after all. How’s the war progressing? MPSA offered an Update on Transvestite Prostitutes on Sunday. They even linked to “a noted Gay blogger” – that’s me! But hold on, Midtown goons. The cavalry is on the way. Photo via Midtown Ponce Security Alliance


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