Midtown bully: Trans prostitutes smell like goats

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Fact-challenged bullies from the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance amped up their sensationalistic assault on transgender sex workers by comparing them to smelly goats and using them as a fundraising tool.

Never mind that Atlanta police, and a modicum of common sense, contradict their fear mongering and outrageous claims. But the MPSA launched into another tirade against  a “trans prostitute gang” plaguing Midtown, this time concerned that the sex workers are transitioning into drug sales to make up for lost business. The group takes full credit for that drop in customers and urges supporters to give more money to support their crusade. It's a fundraising plea that would make even Jimmy Swaggart proud.

The trans prostitute gang is evolving into an increasingly dangerous situation because they are bringing drug dealing into the neighborhood. In recent weeks drug dealers have been menacing area residents as they deal drugs through the trans prostitutes. More and more dope boys are marauding around among the trans gang. While this problem is still predominantly street prostitution, the drug nights are occurring with increasing frequency. This situation highlights the need for a well-funded patrol in order to most effectively suppress and eventually eradicate this threat.

MPSA doesn't stop there. They provide their take on the three types of sex workers that customers seek out and sprinkle their take with pejorative terms including “trannies.” Which is a switch from their use of “transvestite.” Then it gets worse. Considering what the group has said in the past, that's saying something.

That leaves the walk-ins – those living on the street and don’t know anywhere else to go. During the day they hang around the Peachtree-Pine “shelter” – another nightmare affecting multiple neighborhoods, and at night they turn tricks and work for drug dealers in our neighborhood. In our neighborhood, they are able to find free food, free shelter and income.  The fact that they are living on the street, in turn, probably helps to get rid of some johns because the trans prostitutes they do find here smell like goats after not bathing for days on end. This segment of the gang keeps the pot boiling. On most nights, with exceptions primarily on weekend nights, the prostitutes are not picking up one john after another back-to-back like they were ten years ago.

MPSA published its nasty update on Sept. 24. But it gained wider attention on Monday when Midtown Patch republished it with this headline: MPSA Gives Update on Midtown's Trans-Prostitute Gangs.

March Richardson, Midtown Patch's editor, says that the publication spotted the MPSA's update, republished it in full with an introductory note and linked to the MPSA site without considering that it's riddled with insults, fact-less charges and derogatory terms.

“It was not actually my writing in using the word 'trannies,'” Richardson tells Project Q Atlanta. “It is a very sensationalized kind of article that plays into people's fears.”

But now made aware of the pejorative terms in the update, Richardson says it will be reviewed by other editors at the media outlet.

“If it was saying something bad about African Americans, I wouldn't let that stand,” he says.

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