Michelle Nunn once honored anti-gay CEO

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Michelle Nunn, who has stumbled over LGBT issues in her U.S. Senate campaign in Georgia, once honored the leader of a Florida organization that claims to protect straight women from gay husbands and compares gay men to “alcoholics, gamblers and prostitutes.”

Nunn, as CEO of Points of Light, oversaw the foundation's Daily Point of Light effort that President H.W. Bush established in 1990. Before Nunn resigned on July 23, 2013 to run as a Democrat for the open Senate seat, she and the organization honored 5,000 people and organizations with a Daily Point of Light Award.

The power of the individual to spark change and improve the world – that’s what the Daily Point of Light Award celebrates, with more than 5,000 winners so far.

Whether it’s a mom leading a homegrown disaster relief drive or an athlete wielding his celebrity for good instead of goods – a Daily Point of Light embraces the challenge of tackling a community need through volunteer service.

Winners get formally recognized by Points of Light, a certificate signed by President George H. W. Bush – and a bit of the spotlight. 

On Oct. 3, 2012, the organization celebrated Debbie Thomas-Brown as a Daily Point of Light. She is the founder and CEO of South Florida Connects, which says it supports women married to gay men on the down low.

The website for South Florida Connects peddles in misinformation, stereotypes and offensive language about gay men and, on a few occasions, lesbians. In her bio, Thomas-Brown says South Florida Connects is the umbrella organization for Connecting the Down Low Clues.

Now she works earnestly, locally, to help Straight Spouses navigate through living life with spouses on the 'down low', and find their way back to normal lives, through self empowerment. Helping Straight Spouses became one of her passions, after she realized that she nearly married a secretly gay man. She feels that many women lacking the information and resources she has access to, are defenseless against the wiles of a gay man who intends to use her as a 'cover'

Thomas-Brown also says “God's grace” saved from her marrying a man she believes to be gay.

Debbie said, “One never knows what curve balls life will throw at you, but you must be prepared to use your experiences, to improve and encourage yourself and others.” She is a woman of great compassion, and dislikes injustice in any form. Debbie will not claim to be a survivor of a relationship with a gay man, but seriously suspects that she came close to becoming one. She doubts he will ever admit being gay, but continues to believe that her intuition, sense of discernment, and God's grace, saved her from a ton of heart aches and pain. Yes, she really believes she could have been married to a 'brother' whom she strongly suspects, is seriously involved in down low living.

She stops short of calling gay people evil, but not by much.

It should also be understood that people do not choose their sexual orientation, because why would anyone want to be vilified and stigmatized, if they have a choice. When gay people are accepted as main stream, like alcoholics, gamblers, and prostitutes, gay men and women, will have fewer reasons to hide behind the unsuspecting women and men who love them. Then it will be between them and God.”

Thomas-Brown also warns her followers that if their husband isn't sexually aroused by them, wants anal sex, brags about gay men offering compliments, has gay friends and talks at length to other men on the phone that he might be gay. She spells it out in the 21-point Know The Top Signs Your Husband May Be Gay.

9. He has a tendency to brag about gay men complimenting him on his looks. If a gay man compliments a really straight man, seriously… he won’t do it twice.

And if he takes selfies and shaves his body hair, well, it's all over.

14. Shaves his body hair and begins to dress differently. If he suddenly starts shaving his body and pubic hair, even though you tell him you like looking at his hairy chest, start paying closer attention to other things. He may also start growing a beard. Have you ever caught him taking a picture of himself naked with his cell phone or other camera? Has he started wearing younger looking style clothes or start dressing like a thug? A straight man usually likes to please his woman, if your man only dresses to please himself or his male friends, take a closer look.

She also blames AIDS on down low gay men:

In 2004, AIDS was a leading cause of death for African-Americans ages  25 to 44.  Women, college students and people over the age of 50 are at greater risk than ever before, and it is discussed in medical circles, that men living on the down low may be one reason why. Why? Because DL men are notrorious for practising unsafe sex.  

During her campaign, Nunn has sought gay dollars, support and votes though she continues to dance the issue of gay marriage. She and her campaign refuse to talk to the gay press and LGBT activists and supporters, including Mayor Kasim Reed and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, have chided her for a lack of leadership on same-sex marriage. A group that once nagged Reed on gay marriage pivoted to focus on Nunn.

The gay debate over Nunn has played out on the pages of the GA Voice. Gay detractors have called Nunn “a closet-case ally of LGBT equality,” while others argue that her position on gay marriage “harms LGBT Georgians.” Supporters have also spoken out.

We've reached out to Nunn's campaign for comment and will update the post if they respond. Don't hold your breath.


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