Meet Tyler Perry’s sexy model ‘stalker’

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A hunky male model and former employee of Tyler Perry was arrested last week and charged with criminal trespass after he barricaded himself in a room and demanded to see the movie mogul.

The 27-year-old man, Joshua Sole, may or may not be gay. And Perry? Well. And well.

After Atlanta police arrested Sole on Oct. 30, Perry fired back with a lawsuit on Monday seeking $125,000 in damages and attorney fees, accusing him of trying to intimidate him, and asking for a protective order to keep Sole at least 500 feet from him.

Gossip blogs characterize the spat as something between scorned lovers. Perry's lawsuit – long on accusations of “simple assault,” “discomfort” and “annoyance” – is conveniently short of any explanation of a relationship between Perry and Sole, or details of his employment at Tyler Perry Studios.

Sole went to great length to barricade himself in an administrative office at the studio on Oct. 30, according to Atlanta police incident report. The studio's security manager, Lee Norman, told police that Sole, an employee, “has been acting weird.”

From the police report:

Joshua barricaded himself in room 1061, where the administrative offices are located . Mr. Norman informed me that Mr. Sole was not authorize to be in room 1061 and does not know how he gained access into the room. Mr. Norman stated that he told Mr. Sole through the door to come out of the room. Mr. Sole refused and stated that he was not coming out unless he speaks with Tyler Perry.

Sole refused to open the door for at least eight police officers.

We asked Mr. Sole to open the door several times and he refused. Mr. Sole placed several heavy cases of paper in front of the door on the inside, therefore we were not able to push it open.

Sole apparently put a ladder in an adjacent fax room, climbed through the roof and entered the office. An officer eventually convinced Sole to move the boxes so he could be arrested. Police charged Sole with criminal trespass. He was released on a $7,000 signature bond on Oct. 31, though attorneys for Perry asked that a judge require Sole to post a bond.

The incident comes just a few weeks after Perry threw himself a lavish, star-studded party to celebrate his 45th birthday. He teased the crowd with hints that his life was about to change – and later confirmed that he's having a child with Gelila Bekele.

Sole's arrest sparked speculation on gossip blogs that the incident was the end of a romantic relationship gone sour between Perry and Sole. That Perry leveled this in his lawsuit only added fuel to rumors of the flames.

From the AJC:

The lawsuit contends that Sole harassed Perry by stalking him and “simple assault” — but doesn’t go into details — when he trespassed on the property. It also says Sole has been “stubbornly litigious, or acted in bad faith, or caused the plaintiff unnecessary trouble and expense” without explanation.

Celeb Dirty Laundry didn't hold back in its post, Tyler Perry Alleged Ex-Lover Joshua Sole Exposed:

Tyler Perry is suing his alleged ex-lover, Joshua Sole, whom Tyler’s now referring to as an “ex-employee,” for a minimum of $100,000! Perry claims that his “ex-employee” (yep, they don’t call them “jobs” for nothin’) showed up at a studio where Perry was at and looked himself in a room refusing to leave until Perry spoke to him. The chief of security was apparently baffled as to how Sole was able to get into the studio. It reportedly took police more than four hours to get Sole into custody.

A quick Google check on Sole unearths allegations from someone claiming to be his gay ex:

I'm Aight With Being Black And Gay I am a strong minded gay black man who likes men that have stability. It doesn't matter what ethnic background they are because in every race there is low-life individuals. I dated this bro in Atlanta for a few months, his name is Josh Sole, and this bro was whack. He is totally twisted. He cheated on me several times with other gay men and girls too. The only reason he will get at you is to use his so-called good looks then get that a** of yours. Be aware he is a predator that preys on gay men and very young girls. The bro will suck you dry. So all gay men should check who they with because someone like Josh Sole makes the human race a disgrace.

And a comment that Sole, who in 2012 played a stripper on VH1's “Single Ladies,” is gay. “Single Ladies” is the now-cancelled Atlanta-based, scripted show from Queen Latifah that included a gay character among its cast.

Jack the Stripper, played by Josh Sole, is actually a gay bro. Met his boyfriend, Chris, a few times. His boyfriend has $$$$$. Josh Sole is a predator on gay men and will stiff you any chance he gets bro.

And this.

Josh Sole from Denver, CO who currently resides in Atlanta, GA is a scammer. He has many kids from different women and now is prowling on gay men in the area. He uses both gay men and women for his self needs. He prods around being a model/actor but beware of his selfish needs. He owes many money, he lies, cheats, is a deadbeat dad, believe the world owes him and has mental issues.

Perry isn't above fanning the flames of his rumored inner gay. With Sole's sexy modeling pics, it's easy to see why Perry would be interested.


Josh Sole likes his clothes loose.



Really loose.



When that shirt is too tight, he just peels it off.



Jeans will do just fine.






He's trying to out sexy a train, after all.



But all that body doesn't come easy.



The curls.



The cardio.






Don't forget the tires!



And stair-stepping with hot friends.



Why all that hard, sweaty work? Because this.






And this.



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